Coffee Not Included is open for business !

A warm welcome to you!!   My name is Tracy Baker and I am the founder of Coffee Not Included. Today sees the culmination of many months of hard work, late nights and I cannot even begin to tell you how life transforming and exciting the events leading up to our launch have been.

You may be surprised to hear that I don’t intend for this to be some long winded explanation of how I came to get to this point, if you would like to find out more about the company and myself then please feel free to have a delve around the website.

On Launch Day and going forward I feel this should be about you, what you can expect to see here and how you may consider the services of a Virtual Assistant. If you are new to Virtual Assistance we do have our very first FREE e book “How to Instantly save money with a VA” it is available for download in e book, audio and video format. It is an excellent resource for understanding not only how a VA can save you money but also how the mindset of a VA is very different to that of an employee and this, I believe, is one of the strongest reasons for considering using a virtual assistant in your business.

Our website provides much of the essential information I think you will be looking for but if you do wish to contact us for further information then our e mail address is at the end of this post.

Coffee Not Included’s blog will continue to grow in time and I fully intend for this to become a point of reference on many subjects, not just Virtual Assistance, but online business; including mindset, innovative business systems and technology, tips and tricks … anything that I feel will really be of benefit to you in shaping your online business and making the most of your time.

Our blog will be updated three times a week so that I can share my knowledge and my passion in helping you achieve your professional goals. And if that’s not enough well, it’s a cool place to hang out and get to know one another better ;-)

Have a good look round, I really would appreciate your comments and feedback, socialise with us on Twitter, Facebook or Linked in we’re a friendly bunch. Check out the discounts and special offers we have available within our monthly Newsletter “Coffee To Go. Above all else, take care and have a fabulous day!

If there is something specific you would like us to help you with please do not hesitate to e mail us at



  • Grainne Foley

    Tracey, nobody would have guessed that this was your first blog post, fantastic, very real, loved it!

    • Tracy Baker

      Thanks Grainne for dropping by today and for your lovely comments !!  It is completely new to me but I am enjoying the experience :D  

  • Fanta Tikole

     Yay!! CONGRATS on your LAUNCH!! Love the Blog post. I wish you much success with your new business. Go get em!!

    • Tracy Baker

      Hi Fanta … thanks for checkin me out :D and for kind wishes, very much appreciated. 

  • Erica Hann

    Well done Tracy x

    • Tracy Baker

      Hi Erica – thank you so much x

  • Michelle, Virtual Miss Friday

    Congratulations :)

  • Tracy Baker

     Thank you so much Michelle :D