The WWW of Virtual Assistance – WHAT

Part 2- What

8 Ways to use a VA

Ok firstly I would just like to say there are soooo many ways you can use the services of a Virtual Assistant to free up your time the only limit really is your imagination and whether it’s legal ;-) but I thought today I would just plant the seed of a mere 8 ways a VA could phenomenally impact your business and day to day life.

E Mail Management

How’s your in box lookin? Full to the brim? Overflowing with mindless spam mixed with really valuable snippets of information that you cannot find for love nor money? On a daily basis we are all bombarded with e mails and whilst it is a very effective way of communication it also unfortunately opens up the channels for vast amounts of completely useless information as well!

A Virtual Assistant can create a very simple but effective e mail filtering system for you that means when e mails arrive they are automatically recognised and placed into the correct folder within your e mail system. They can be colour coded for instant recognition. Then, when that all important sale comes through, you see it straight away and when you’ve finished dancing round the room you can respond pronto with a well crafted thank you which of course a VA can also do for you ;-)


Now with Transcription I’m not just talking about it in the traditional sense when we had Dictaphones and tapes (oh those were the days …) No, transcription has come a very long way since then. Nowadays you are able to dictate to a digital recorder, your phone, desktop software and instantly e mail or drop that file into a cloud system in a nano second for your VA.

But it’s not just the way we do this that has changed the uses for transcription services are wide and varied. VA’s now transcribe video blogs, interviews, tutorials, articles and much more, the online world has created so many ways for you to provide incredible value to your clients.

Record Keeping

Once you’ve finished stifling that yawn lol …. I know it’s by no means the most exciting part of your business but it is a necessary evil and impacts how efficiently your business works and is portrayed to your clients.

A VA can set up and maintain your CRM so that you are always able to retrieve your client information even down to their birthday and the names of their children (it’s the little things that count). There are financial records to keep and these must be accurate and on time, book keeping, vat returns, receipts, numerous pieces of information, data and paper in either digital format or good old fashioned tree juice that have to be dealt with.

By regularly keeping your records up to date you will always be able to see which direction your business is going, which clients are the most profitable, where your money is being spent and who owes YOU money. Do you know what marketing is working or not so that you can focus your energies on the good stuff?

Delegating the creation and maintenance of your record keeping will give you the space in your mind to be creative and innovative and keep your company at the cutting edge.

Internet Research

We are all guilty of surfing the net during a break but when you need specific information whether it’s a restaurant in Covent Garden or a garage to service your car, it’s easy to waste so much time searching (not taking into account getting distracted by the latest gadget site or u tube sensation). Before you know it it’s lunchtime, that proposal hasn’t miraculously written itself let alone been sent (you didn’t delegate did you? – tut tut) and you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

VA’s use the internet all the time, we are able to swiftly find the information you require. It could be ideas in your niche for blog posts, information about a specific company that you would like to deal with or finding reviews on that latest must have gadget but you’d just like to be sure that you get the best price.

Yeah I know that’s 4 … watch out for Part 2 to learn yet more ways a VA could save your day.

Thanks for reading my post today and I would LOVE to hear from YOU:

If you currently use a VA, what tasks do YOU delegate?

If you do NOT currently use a VA, what tasks would YOU most like to offload?