The WWW of Virtual Assistance – WHY !


Part 3 – Why?

Why Use a Virtual Assistant?

Today I wanted to share with you what I feel personally to be the most important element of why businesses and entrepreneurs should utilise the services of a Virtual Assistant Company.

Yes there are the usual reasons that you will no doubt have seen and read about already such as saving you time, allowing you to concentrate on your business, reducing your stress levels etc and whilst these are important in their own right for me there is a more fundamental but crucial reason and that is … we are business owners too!

At first glance that may not appear to be a revelation to you but bury a little deeper and really think about what I’ve just said. We are business owners too which means we fully understand how a business operates, how all the different elements of business come together and what needs to be done to get those parts of your business to work in perfect harmony. We are familiar with the difficulties sometimes experienced when trying to grow your business and that there are many facets such as marketing, research and development, finance and operations and more importantly how these elements all come together.

Just imagine how having an experienced business owner who is also a virtual assistant working alongside you in your business, wanting your business to succeed as much as their own can impact on your growth. That is phenomenal power in my book.

Having worked with many individuals and businesses, this has been the overriding contributory factor to my continuing to work with them for many years. I’ve not only completed the tasks requested but offered a friendly sounding board for new ventures and ideas, been sympathetic when things maybe were not going so well and have had the privilege of sharing in their triumphs and successes!

Online business is fast paced and running your own Virtual Assistant company necessitates that you also have to keep up to speed with the technology and systems available. How does this effect you? Well wouldn’t you like to be able to work from anywhere, when you wanted to and use this technology to your advantage? Of course you would and a Virtual Assistant understands this and that is why we continually educate ourselves in new technologies, programmes and systems – it makes our company more efficient which in turn will make your business more efficient. Now that is a win win situation !

Any virtual assistant worth their salt will continually update their skills to keep pace with the ever changing technology and as a business owner you benefit from this time and time again, leaving your competitors exasperated at your cutting edge professionalism.

Yes we can save you time, yes we can stop you going into overwhelm and yes we can undoubtedly help you create smooth running systems but that is just the beginning of the journey in working with a Virtual Assistant. You should really consider them to be an extension of yourself, that right arm, partnering with you for success because we do understand business and have that burning drive to help others succeed.

I hope that you have found my blog post informative and would really appreciate your thoughts and comments.

What do you consider to be THE most important skill/attribute that a Virtual Assistant should have?


  • Michelle, Virtual Miss Friday

    I really loved this post Tracy – I thought you hit the nail on the head. Keep rockin the video’s ;)

    • Tracy Baker

      Hey thanks Michelle :D  It’s a subject I’m quite passionate about … if you hadn’t already guessed lol.  Really enjoying doing the videos too !!

  • Miguel Antonio

    Nice blog! Hiring a virtual assistant is very functional most especially on small business; it makes your effort more fruitful but less everyday expenditure. And they are also important in a homeshoring job. Thank you for posting this.

    • Tracy Baker

      Hi Miguel! Welcome to the blog :D

      Thank you so much for your kind words and I hope you will continue to drop by from time to time.

      Yes, there are so many benefits for business owners in hiring the services of a virtual assistant – most importantly it allows them to concentrate on growing their businesses.