Are You Ready for Social Search?

Ok so what IS Social Search?

Social Search is fast becoming THE most popular buzzword in the online world after Google announced their latest product update last month.  Recently we saw the launch of  Google Plus 1 and now Google are bringing Social Search to more users worldwide.

What it actually means in plain english is that Google are focussing more on social content, you may have already noticed the increase in search results for those that socially share their content.  If you want higher rankings in Google you need to be creating high quality content as always BUT also actively encouraging others to share it across the social networks.

Why does it matter?

It’s everywhere!!  Google have realised that social networking is gathering pace at break neck speed and because search is all about content they have to go where the action is.

Google cannot access Facebook, one of the largest sources of social content so instead they are quietly going about indexing Blogs, U tube, Twitter and other leading sources.

How can I get in on the Action?

In short you need to cover all bases.  Make sure you are very active on blogs, in forums, on twitter and that you have an active facebook page.  You cannot ignore social media anymore, it’s here to stay whether you love it or loathe it.

#1 Create fresh and Original Content

Yep, we’ve said it all along content is king and originality is the top banana so if you have a blog and have been creating high quality, original content then you just got a big thumbs up from Google!!  Originality is the key – being yourself, providing your own unique perspective on news and views.

#2 Share

A very powerful step to take would be to make sure that your Google Profile is updated – if you haven’t done this yet STOP and go do it NOW.

You can add links to other sites you network on.  You can link all your articles by plugging in an RSS feed.  Google Profile is personal to you so it will also bring in feeds from your business blog and other news sources – all of this helps to elevate your profile and social influence.

If you don’t ask, don’t anticipate that your audience will do it – ask people to share your content.

Another good reason for getting yourself a Google Profile is that you can also use the Google +1 button, Google’s answer to Facebook’s “Like” button, thus also an added gold star that adds more social backing to your content.  To recommend something all we have to do is hit the +1 button, the more people that do that, the more your status and ranking grows.

#3 Location, Location, Location

Google’s efforts to provide relevant content extends to location and time – real time news is not what happened yesterday!

If you are a local business, claim your location on Google, Facebook, Foursquare and anywhere else you feel your prospective clients may be active.

Turn on Twitter Location – Location adds content to tweets and a bullseye to your business.

Check In – using Facebook, Foursquare and similar to communicate with clients and businesses, actively engaging with them.

If you would like to know more and keep up to date then check out Google’s first blog dedicated to search,  Google are continuing to invest heavily in research and development and that is why they are the number one search engine – period.

What are your thoughts on Social Search?


  • Oli king

    fantastic article – really good information about the impact of social media.

    • Tracy Baker

      Hi Oli, welcome to our blog and thank you so much!!  Pleased you found it valuable :D