5 Cheers for WordPress


Here at Coffee Central we love WordPress and whilst it is widely known for it’s blogging capabilities, today I wanted to share a handful of awesome reasons why it is becoming a leader in the field of website creation too.


#1     You Don’t Need to Be A Techie

This has to be the No 1 reason doesn’t it?  With the back end functionality of a WYSIWYG editor it has never been simpler for the average non techy person to update and create new content that search engines love!.  Whether you need to add videos, insert graphics or update links it’s all quick, easy and very efficient.


#2     Fully Customisable

With the vast array of templates available there is absolutely no excuse for having a drab, middle of the road website!!  Whilst this element does require web design skills, ie an eye for the breath taking as well as technical knowledge in setting it all up. Once up and running the world is your oyster to tweak and enhance and make your website truly unique.


#3     SEO Benefits

SEO within WordPress is clean and simple.  There are a whole host of tools at your disposal which make WordPress a front runner in seo for your website to name a few:


You can structure your url.  You can alter the structure of permalinks to your choice adding keywords you wish to focus on for every post that you make.  Search engines watch urls when ranking web pages in its index

Clean Codes:

If the coding is clean on your pages this means that pages load faster and the overall site speed increases.  This not only enhances the browsing experience for your users it also makes the search bots job a whole lot easier.


You are able to tag your posts and this gives additional navigation options but it also allows the search bots to find your internal posts and pages easier.  WordPress allows you to post your tags in your homepage which increases the whole process further.

Image Optimisation:

You are able to easily upload images and optimise these images by adding alt and title tags.  WordPress provides you with a feature that will not only allow you to add titles to your images but also captions.  Search engines love pics with all the extended information and whilst search engines are not able to read images they will index the image on its image results ie, the information embedded into the image url.

#4     Plug in and Play

The simplicity of WordPress is sheer brilliance.  There are a multitude of bolt ons that you can simply plug in and play from commenting systems to social media plug ins for facebook, twitter etc as well as a huge array of themes to choose from making it fully customisable but easily achieveable.

# 5    Scalability

You may well have started using WordPress as a blogging platform but the scalability of WordPress is huge.

From creating multiple pages and numerous blog posts to using the media library to store audio, images, videos and text to colour customisations and analytics plus so much more.  WordPress literally grows with you and your business to provide an efficient, professional online presence that leaves others standing.

Do you use WordPress in your Business, if so how do you use it?