Do I Need a Mentor?

In my opinion anyone who wishes to be highly successful in their business or indeed their personal life MUST have a mentor.

Sure you could stumble around for a while, making your own way, see some progress and make some mistakes but wouldn’t it be better to find a person/s who has already taken the time, made the mistakes, found the best ways and someone who is, right now, doing precisely what you wish to do in your own life?

Find a mentor, someone who has already walked the path and I mean walked it, not just talked about it, written articles about it, but actually achieved the success you wish to emulate.  Whether it is in a particular business niche, a recreational goal or within your own self improvement.  Once you’ve taken that first leap of faith you are already well on your way to achieving your goals by making that commitment and investing in your future.

I have to admit, it took me a number of years to realise how important this was.  In the past I had attended numerous seminars and business events and each time the guest speakers, highly successful and driven entrepreneurs, would drive home the same message – that you should find a mentor. I would come away  thinking “yeah that makes sense but where and who?”.

It all depends very much on what area of your life you are looking to improve but there will be someone who inspires you, that you admire, that you think it would be awesome to partner with and learn from.  You have nothing to lose by approaching these people and asking for their assistance – what’s the worst that can happen? They say no and so you continue your search.

I have heard of newbie entrepreneurs asking to work for their prospective mentor for free – now you may be thinking “Whoa hold on a minute did she just say for FREE ?”…. yep, because the knowledge and experience you will learn from your mentor is priceless, they are investing their time, money and knowledge in you and you will benefit from it many many times over.  It’s not so ridiculous when you look at it from all angles now is it?

Personally I myself have, in my experience, the best mentor in the form of Michelle Dale of The V A Apprentice.  Last year I applied to beta test the V A Apprentice for free and was extremely fortunate to have been granted an apprenticeship with Michelle to create my very own virtual assistance business.  This was a business I had wanted to create for sometime but I was on information overload so I made it my mission to find my mentor.

Completing the Apprenticeship was without doubt the most life changing experience for me.  Not only did it teach me Michelle’s business model from the ground up, the tools to use, the processes and systems but I also had the benefit of Michelle’s experience, to have the opportunity to learn from the mistakes that she made when setting up her own business back in 2007.

Before requesting to become an Apprentice I did my due diligence and had been researching what it was she was doing.  Michelle was recommended as “someone to watch” from a current offline client of mine who was also working online with Michelle and her team.

I knew instinctively that Michelle had to be my mentor, she just didn’t know it yet!

Whilst Michelle is my mentor …. I also follow other people who inspire me and who have a similar “virtual” business to myself.

Chris Ducker of Virtual Business Lifestyle is a wealth of information on all things “virtual” from the tools required to become a virtual CEO to finding and utilising outsourcing staff and insights on entrepreneurship. He also creates the most content rich blog posts, entertaining and informative videos and has a genuine passion to want to help others and that in my mind makes him a thoroughly nice guy.

Gideon Shalwick is another individual who I religiously pay attention to –  he is without doubt the mastermind of video blogging and when I decided to set up my own blog and create video content he was the person I turned to for hints, tips and tricks on how to create valuable content and deliver with passion – this is abundantly clear if you have ever watched any of Gideon’s videos ….. he shares information and knowledge in a very clear, concise and easy to follow manner with the ability to make you feel instantaneously relaxed.

So my message to you today is loud and proud … if you want to get ahead in life find yourself a mentor TODAY – it’s one of the fastest ways to learn and grow as an individual with the benefit of other’s experience and knowledge but without making the same mistakes.

If you would like to join The VA Apprentice, please contact and mention Coffee Not Included/Tracy Baker and request a special discounted link, to claim $300 off the cost of the programme

Who would be your Ideal Mentor and why?




  • Michelle, Virtual Miss Friday

    Wow Tracy, thank you so much! You have other mentors who I also follow too. I enjoyed the post very much, thank you again.

    • Tracy Baker

      My pleasure Michelle!