How We Can Help YOU – FOR FREE!!


Today I have a REALLY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT to make and I’m so excited I’m fit to burst, but that would just be plain messy so I’ll try not too ;-)

Why am I soo stoked??  well because tomorrow (1 Sept 2011) I have planned an AWESOME GIVEAWAY for you.  Something that will have a huge impact on your business and yep you read it right its 100% FREE.

So you may be asking yourself why am I doing this NOW?  Good question!  most would provide giveaways or competitions when they launch their businesses but here at Coffee Central I wanted you to see what we were all about first, get to know us and realise that we are here for the long haul.  Consider this a coffee taster to see if the flavour is to your liking, that the quality is as you would expect.

We are committed to continually improving and developing our services and customer relationships, but for those of you who have yet to make the transition to the online world it can seem just a tad daunting so this OFFER was created with you in mind -view it as dunking your digestive into the expresso of online business.

So whether you have been thinking about hiring a Virtual Assistant for a while or know that we exist but don’t really know how we can help your business I would urge you to seriously consider the offer I am making to you tomorrow.

Why are you doing this for FREE I hear you ask?  Well the bottom line is that we truely want to help as many entrepreneurs and business owners realise the full potential of having a Virtual Assistant in their business and our aim in helping our one lucky winner is that they will, in turn recommend us to their friends and business associates and spread the word – solid social proof is all we ask.

So if you’ve developed a thirst for success and want to grab your chance to be “in it to win it” simply drop me a line at with the heading CNI GIVEAWAY and I will be sure to send you ALL the ingredients you need tomorrow via e mail.

To success with integrity

Tracy  X


  • Michelle Dale

    Amazing offer Tracy :)

    • Tracy Baker

      Thanks Michelle – it is indeed for one lucky winner ;-)

  • Maxine

    Wow. Enticing offer, surely not to be missed.

    • Tracy Baker

      Thanks so much Maxine! Exciting times :D