Does Spelling Matter?

Is spelling really THAT important anymore. Surely these days it’s more about what you say as opposed to how you say it? Who cares about a few itsy bitsy spelling mistakes?

In today’s world you could be forgiven for thinking that with tweets, status updates and txt msgs that it really isn’t such a key factor anymore, that it’s neither here nor they’re -if you no what aye mean ;-)

My point is that whether you are composing your website copy or sending an e mail to a client, words really do matter.

If you haven’t guessed already, I’m quite passionate about the English language and all that it encompasses. It could be said that I am quite anal about it. With a laughable ability to spot a typo at 20 paces I’ve even been the butt of many a family joke!! But it matters to me and it should matter to you too – it could cost you money and your reputation.

Here are a couple of reasons why I feel that correct spelling still matters in today’s high tech society:

A Clear Message:

Okay Tracy well that’s a fairly obvious point you may say. However, not many people would argue that a clear, concise message is easily comprehendable. Does it really matter if the odd apostrophe is missing or you have a stray letter, just so long as you convey the meaning?

It would seem so, a recent article on the BBC website showed that spelling mistakes can cripple online sales. In the interests of research businessman Charles Duncombe analysed the sales of a clothing accessories website before and after various typos were corrected. He claims their online sales considerably improved after the errors were corrected.

Poor Website Content:

How much impact can a few grammatical gremlins have on your business? Referring to the above research Duncome claims the corrected pages doubled revenue!

From my own experience a lack of attention to detail is off putting, it makes me doubt the credibility of the site and chances are that I will leave that website very quickly.

Spelling on the web hasn’t been researched to any great length as yet but the above studies maybe prove that it should be. Websites can have the smartest of designs with graphics that give the wow factor but text still remains the core method for communication.

Poor spelling may undermine your credibility and make people hesitate about doing business with you

So what’s the moral of this story? …. Quite simply, there is no room for complacency, whether it’s in your website copy or your marketing materials.

The internet has opened up a whole new arena for conducting business but the devil is in the detail so pay close attention if you do not wish to lose business.

Do you think spelling still matters?


  • Grainne

    So very true Tracy, I’m actually surprised to see spelling errors on a lot of websites that I visit.  I agree with you I think it’s incredibly important to proof read and ensure that everything is correct, you are presenting yourself to potential after all!


    • Tracy Baker

      Thanks for dropping by Grainne :-)

      Yayy I’ve found a fellow advocate of grammar and spelling lol …. it’s an age old saying but first impressions really do count.

      Have a fantastic weekend Grainne!