Facebook Changes Again!

If you are a regular Facebook user and let’s face it there can’t be many of us that aren’t , then you may have noticed a few changes last week. You didn’t??? Seriously?? Then read on!!

Facebook is continuing on it’s quest to create more opportunities and features that they feel will benefit us as users.

If you’re not aware of the changes that took place last week and would like to know more, then please continue reading as I’ve put together a brief summary of each. I’ll explain how they work and what they do and then at least you can make an informed decision as to whether they are indeed useful to you in your social media strategy.


Facebook has added a Subscribe feature to your personal profile. This gives friends more control over what they can see from you but more importantly people who are not friends can subscribe too (though only the things you share publicly). When people subscribe they can decide the types of updates they wish to follow for example, life events, status updates, photos etc.

So what does this mean for YOU? Well if you don’t want to see every time your sister plays Farmville on Facebook but you do want to see more stories from your favourite travel site for example, you can easily choose exactly what you see in your Newsfeed.

You can also subscribe to people you are interested in but do not know personally such as celebrities, political figures or favourite bloggers.

How do I get my own subscribers?

If you would like to share your updates with more than just your friends you can get your own Subscribe button on your profile. People who subscribe to you will then receive any posts that you create that are set as “Public” in their News Feeds. This feature is entirely optional – to gain access you need to opt in.


To allow others to subscribe to your news go to Subscriptions Page and click “Allow Subscribers”.

Once you’ve done that then you can decide who can comment on what and if you wish to receive any notifications. You will also see the Subscribers tab on your profile, where you will then be able to see who subscribes to you.

To learn more about the Subscribe button or allow subscribers, visit the Help Center.


The new Smart Lists feature makes it easier to manage your friends lists. These lists are automatically updated based on the information that you have in common with your friends profiles such as work, interests, family, city etc.

You are also able to manually add and remove friends within these lists if you wish to ensure that they are more accurate.


In addition to the Smart Lists there is also Close Friends and Acquaintances. If you add people into your Close Friends list their newsfeeds will appear more frequently in your news stream whilst only major updates will appear from those in your Acquaintance list.


Have you seen the “view all shares” link for Facebook updates on Facebook pages? This link is visible on all Facebook Pages for anyone to see who shares updates.

So what do YOU think of these latest changes to Facebook? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you!