Investigating The World Of Wi-Fi

If you really want to be a digital nomad, then you really need to embrace technology. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a nerd by any means, but if you want to be productive and actually connected when you’re mobile, you have to use some of the most exciting of devices of today and be familiar with the technology enabling you to do so.

A digital nomad may not be someone who travels endlessly who is always on the go, but may well be somebody who moves frequently and as such does not have a central, “home office” to return to as such. If, as a location independent entrepreneur, you travel to different countries you need to be familiar with the communication options provided across various borders, but nevertheless need to have all your hardware options in place ahead of time.

While the ubiquitous laptop may well be your office on the move, many people are choosing to explore the possibilities afforded by the new breed – the tablet. They are perfect for navigating from place to place, keeping up with e-mail constantly, interacting with your social networks, sending your “tweets,” keeping up with the news, creating documents, reading business books and so much more. While many people argue that these devices have yet to find a “niche” as such in our connected world, others are convinced that they will one day be the answer and compromise between the awkward size of the laptop and the inadequacies of the smartphone.

The chances are that if you speak to some experienced digital nomads they will tell you that they have long since forsaken the PC for the Mac. Some say that this is like going over to the dark side, but those who have made the change seem to be far happier with a laptop device such as the Apple MacBook Pro with far fewer crashes, data losses and a much more intuitive set up across the board.

All this hardware is well and good but we all know that its functionality is in many respects limited until and unless we can connect to the Internet. If you travel extensively you know that this can still be a challenge, even though Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly more available. Certain cities, London among them, are said to be planning citywide Wi-Fi access in the very near future. As all devices these days, the tablets, smart phones and laptops have Wi-Fi built in; it would be great to know that blanket Wi-Fi coverage is available wherever we travel. If Wi-Fi is not available at your chosen destination you’ll have to investigate the opportunities afforded by an air card, connected to one of the major mobile phone carriers, ideally with unlimited data plans and roaming access.

If you truly are mobile and may be operating from very remote locations you may even have to consider a satellite tripod dish and modem. While you cannot expect this to provide you with unfettered access and home office like connectivity, it can still give you that sense of freedom and availability all at the same time.

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