How The Cloud Brings Functionality To Us All

Whenever somebody asks you to describe cloud computing, all you need to say is that they have probably been introduced to this type of service already without even realising it. They have almost certainly interacted with e-mail solutions providers like AOL, Yahoo or Gmail in the past, or may do so now. Let’s face it, unless you have your own server you are almost certain to have used one of those proprietary and well-known brands to deliver and send your email and if you think about it for a minute, where is your e-mail being stored anyway?

E-mail was one of the very first mainstream solutions to become readily available through the use of cloud computing. All of that e-mail is stored in a remote server and not on your desktop and since those early days when AOL and others pioneered this process, technology has progressed to such an extent that we are now able to access and engage a variety of different software applications “in the cloud” as well.

Google, as might be expected, is completely in the mix here. Google Docs is a cloud-based solution and you can access word processing, spreadsheet and collaboration tools therein. Rather than doing this all on your local hard drive as you may have before, forcing you to convert to a certain format and e-mail to others for collaboration, now you can simply make it available in the cloud environment where others can easily make changes, adjustments and add comments without the need to store information on their own hard drives.

If you like the functionality of Excel, maybe you should check out Smart Sheet. This is like Excel on steroids in many respects and is great for tracking and keeping on top of projects. It’s all based on a spreadsheet function, but you can attach various triggers, discussions and even files to specific cells within your spreadsheet. You can track progress in great detail and engage with others as you move things along nicely.

For virtual assistants who need to either keep up with their time management for their own invoicing purposes, or to work with their clients to make sure that funds are flowing in that direction as well, applications like Fresh Books have emerged. Make sure that you engage your accounting application here with your time management application such as Base Camp. In that way, you can always be sure that the hours that you devote to billable work are automatically converted into essential revenue without anything falling between the cracks.

There are a number of fantastic tools available to the virtual assistant via cloud computing. These tools ensure that the VA is entirely efficient at his or her work and can provide an even more realistic alternative to the small businessperson looking for outsourcing possibilities. We are sure to see even more first-class solutions designed to ensure that time management is as efficient as possible and that there are additional ways to cut back on the overhead costs burdening small businesses, globally.

What Cloud Based Tool could you NOT be Without?