Establishing Credibility And Authority When Using SubmitYOURArticle

In the world of article marketing there are indeed many choices. Some have been around for a long time, others come and go. Some still seem to operate in the past, or are not keeping pace with the changing world of Internet marketing, but others go to great lengths to ensure that they do conform and provide a service that is up-to-speed with the changing rules of search engine optimisation and marketing. SubmitYOURArticle is a service that definitely aims to do this the “right way.” The service has a sterling reputation in the industry and is definitely recommended for those who want to use the undoubted power of article marketing to help not only raise their rankings but also establish their credibility.

You see, establishing credibility is a very important part of trying to do business online. Therefore, the material that you distribute must be of the very best quality. This is where SYA comes into its element. They simply will not accept material if it is substandard and it’s important to understand that each article submitted goes through a manual review, something that’s certainly not standard by any means in the article marketing business, as a whole.

This service maintains a rather large article directory network, including established websites with their own credibility, ranking and status, in addition to a rapidly growing blog network. Articles which are submitted through SYA are vetted very thoroughly to see that they are good quality in terms of composition, grammar, spelling and content. The system will not accept an article which is poorly thought out, structured or composed even if it is perfect when it comes to grammar and spelling. Thus, the credibility of the network is maintained.

There is quite a lot involved in submitting articles through this outlet. While the interface may be relatively user-friendly and they do provide tips on how to complete the forms, it does take a little bit of getting used to and there are a number of steps to go through each and every time an article is put forward for consideration. Those who think that they may be able to put substandard articles into the system that may fall through the cracks can expect to be disappointed, as moderators can and do return articles that are not acceptable. In addition, they only accept articles that are non-promotional and in other words are informative, educational or enlightening.

SYA could be the perfect tool for anyone who wants to make a significant impression within the online marketing communities. This is once again a perfect vehicle for virtual assistant management. Following the creation of top-quality articles, a virtual assistant can be put in charge of ensuring that the articles are posted into the SYA system carefully and methodically, together with the appropriate categorisation, keyword selection and so forth.

When considering article syndication, we must all bear in mind that the rules of engagement have changed quite a lot in the past few years. It may no longer be a good idea to send out any old content that is keyword optimised, to thousands of directories across the Net. It’s more important to establish quality and understanding, so that when prospects actually do come across your work online they are impressed by what they see and are therefore more inclined to do business with you.

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  • Susan Fujii

    Hi Tracy, 

    This is a fantastic resource– thank you!  I am going to bookmark both your site and SYA for future reference!  I am extremely interested in article marketing and have no idea how to get started…sounds like I might need a good VA!  :)  Thank you so much for the informative article!


    • Tracy Baker

      Hi Susan and welcome to our Blog!

      Wow, I’m so pleased you found the information valuable and thank you for taking such an interest. It can be a minefield when starting out which is why it is often best to outsource it and save yourself the time ;-)

      Thanks so much for your comment Susan.