How Article Marketing Using Traffic Kahuna Celebrates The Power Of The Co-Op

Article marketing and syndication is one of the most established Internet marketing protocols, in existence, since the dawn of online marketing. There are many different ways of approaching this, but the beauty of article marketing is that it can have long-term benefit and those who dedicate themselves to keeping up with this form of promotion will invariably see good results.

In Hawaii, a “kahuna” is a wise man, somebody important or someone who is “in charge.” In folklore, this person is sometimes referred to as a magician or a sorcerer and in other words somebody who is able to get something achieved where others may have failed. This may be a particularly appropriate word to use to market one of the better article marketing and syndication tools available on the Internet today – Traffic Kahuna.

A different approach is used here. Membership in this programme first of all offers participation in an intriguing link exchange system. The programme aims to get around the problem associated with automation when it comes to link building and is focused on the generation of one-way links. Links within the network are randomly pointed, hosted on different servers and associated with a variety of different IP addresses, so that when the links are created, there is little opportunity for foot printing.

As far as articles are concerned, submitted items are circulated within the database and matched up with others of similar content and category. This type of article exchange is once again summarily between members within the programme.

Also, Traffic Kahuna maintains management of a massive network of quality blogs. Each one is a “real” blog in its own right and maintained by an individual who is dedicated to good management and motivated to make money, so blog posts that are distributed within this network of many thousands of different blogs – segmented by categories and further focussed through keywords, can often generate quite a bit of additional syndication power.

If you like, this concept is the ultimate definition of what a cooperative network should be. Each member of the network is motivated and interested to work with others for mutual gain and thus the type of promotion is dynamic and ongoing. Those who use the system stand to leverage the power of the network by cooperating with others.

There are many different article syndication and marketing programmes available. However, it is certainly true to say that these methods do take some time to implement and it’s important to maintain an ongoing commitment to using any programme that you decide upon. A virtual assistant is ideally placed to step into this managerial role, to oversee the flow of articles when they have been generated and to make sure that results are being obtained.

Traffic Kahuna makes sure that the members of their extended network are committed and thus membership is not open to merely anyone. They do open up for new members periodically and this does enable those who are serious about their article marketing and syndication to get involved with one of the more highly rated services out there. This programme gets fairly consistent, quite positive reviews from within the article marketing community.

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    Curious, Is this the link ?  Page response is:  Sorry The Doors Are Closed…

    • Tracy Baker

      Ahhh it would appear from what I can gather that at the present time they have reached their capacity in membership. Thank you for pointing that out to me.