How (DYA) Distribute Your Articles Tells It Like It Is

Early in 2011 Google came up with one of the most significant algorithmic changes ever when it rolled out what some people know as Panda and other people know as Farmer. These algorithmic changes were designed to penalise sites that published “thin” content, which doesn’t really contribute anything in terms of education or enlightenment. This caused shockwaves throughout the Internet as some fairly well-known article directories found that they had been penalised in terms of their ranking positions. There was a lot of confusion for some time when in reality there shouldn’t have been. What Google is effectively doing, after all, is trying to ensure that there is much less low-quality content in the more visible positions, inspiring online marketers to do a better job of creating content and applying syndication applications.

One particular marketing, distribution and syndication outlet that has paid a lot of attention to Panda and Farmer is Distribute Your Articles. This was formerly known as Article Marketer, but in its new iteration doesn’t beat about the bush when it refers to the need to submit only high quality material. They have a number of people on staff who are allocated to manual reviews of each and every article submitted. They will look at the format, check for spam or advertising, check to see that the links you are embedding are not misleading and they will read your content to see if it’s really worthy of distribution, or not.

All of this may seem to be very “in your face” for those died in the wool, somewhat spammy marketers with an old-school approach. However, it is refreshing in many respects to see these solutions take responsibility for what they’re trying to do and aiming to ensure that the information distributed is only of the best quality.

The solution also offers you the opportunity to get your articles written by one of the people on their staff, or evidently native English speaking. You can also choose to spin your articles or not, if you want to take the pure syndication approach and again there are two schools of thought on this subject.

Distribute Your Articles boasts of a network of over 10,000 individually owned blogs, article directories, mailing lists and groups; they maintain that this is the “most extensive” available network anywhere. With such a broad network there should be plenty of available opportunities no matter how narrowly focused your niche is.

As the solution pays so much attention to being up-to-date with the restrictions imposed by the search engines and is so refreshingly honest when it comes to talking about article marketing potential as it is, it should be a solution that is considered in cooperation with your virtual assistant. The VA can create meaty articles that are always designed to be informative and never designed simply for the sake of getting a potential backlink. There must always be a purpose to article marketing in our new age and if you have such a purpose in mind, you can benefit greatly by dedicating yourself to this pursuit.

How do you distribute your content across the web? We’d love to know ;-)