Project Management Systems, What Are They?

What is a project management system? In short, it’s one of the tickets that you will need as a small business owner if you’re going to go on that journey towards success. It’s a place where you can take all those Post-it notes, hastily scribbled memos, various e-mails, half finished documents and files and put them all together into one central place, so that you can make sense of the mayhem and make great strides forward.

Project management systems have really matured over the last few years as more and more people choose to do business online and interact with others remotely. This is the age of outsourcing, of working productively with an independent team of virtual assistants. This is the time to delegate to others who already have experience, knowledge and ability and to do so a lot more cost-effectively than you would “in the old days.”

In a project management system you gather together all of your team – your virtual assistants, contractors, vendors and your clients, so that everyone who is invested in making your business project a success can interact properly.

You can create a wide variety of different tasks, projects, even departments or entire companies to segment and organise all of your business ventures and regular projects carefully and methodically.

Whenever you need something to be done for you, you delegate it and assign tasks to the people who you’ve already configured in to your project management system. There is no confusion. There is no delay. The person you delegate the task to automatically gets an e-mail communication and you will get an e-mail communication when the task is done. There are various tools within the system to enable you to chat using whiteboards if needed. You can attach any manner of files within the system for distribution to the correct people.

A good project management system is a central repository for much more than just pending and completed tasks. There may be a lot of crucial information, ideas, announcements, feedback, debates, brainstorming sessions and valuable capital involved in a typical start to finish project. You need to be able to access this information every now and again, or refer to it when you are dealing with an entirely different project altogether. If you don’t use such a system this type of information can be scattered to the winds, very difficult or impossible to find. You really cannot underestimate the value of this type of organisation.

As a business owner and ultimate project manager it is good to be able to log into the project management system at the end of each day when you get a quiet few moments. You can catch up on everything that’s been done, see all the to-do’s that were completed, monitor the discussions that happened relevant to project delivery and assess a daily record.

When you finally start to use a project management system in association with your team of outsourcers and virtual assistants you really won’t understand how you managed all these years without one.