4. Why, As A Small Business Owner, It’s Time To Take Your Tablet

If you are a technophobe you must be living a life of ecstasy. Hardly a couple of weeks go by without some new innovation or an announcement about an impending upgrade, a new version of your favourite smart phone or the latest in groundbreaking applications. In fact these innovations are arriving at breakneck speed. We’ve always known that the purchase of any piece of technology was a risk in terms of potential depreciation and how long it would be before you were effectively “out of date.” But now it appears that your purchase is indeed old hat before you actually take delivery of it or walk out of the store.

Remember the desktop computer? How it could effectively keep you shackled to your desk as a small-business owner, whether you liked it or not. If you were honest you knew that you couldn’t bear to be out of touch and this would often preclude you from travelling a lot either for business expansion purposes or for leisure. However, even as the cost of laptop computers came down, their relative power went up and they soon started to replace the waning functionality of the desktop, so additional technological marvels started to arrive.

The smart phone revolution was led by Apple’s iPhone and became a significant turning point in the way that we communicate in the broadest sense of the word. Yet we were still looking for something that was practical as well as being portable and cool. For this we look to solutions such as the iPad and other tablets. With the latest iterations these solutions are just perfect for the business person on the go who is now never very far away from communicating and keeping in touch about the things that matter.

Slowly but surely devices like the iPad are beginning to replace the trusted laptop. As Wi-Fi becomes more and more prevalent there is likely to be less of a focus on whether or not you can get a microSIM for the location you are intending to visit. In fact with a little advance planning you can ensure that you’re never far away from a Wi-Fi free zone so that your lifeline to the rest of your business world is always intact.

Perhaps one of the most important developments in recent years in the world of the iPad is its ability to sustain a charge for 12 hours or more. This enables you to work away on long haul flights and you know it’s only going to be a matter of time before you have Wi-Fi connectivity at 40,000 feet, as well. There is of course a proliferation of Apps available to help you with your travel planning, mapping, research and reading.

The iPad can of course function as a very efficient storage device and is sure to become a must-have tool for the small-business owner, especially as the cost of roaming data and access becomes less and less of a factor. Now you can rely on tablet technology to help you keep connected with your virtual assistant team from wherever you are.

Where is your favourite Wi-Fi work hideaway?  Mine? well the coffee shop of course ;-)