How The iPhone Is Great For Business

It used to be the case that if you were a business owner you would invariably turn to Research-in-Motion’s BlackBerry product. This was the ubiquitous business focused smart phone, as it was essentially designed and configured by the manufacturer for such a purpose. When Apple’s iPhone first came along it simply revolutionised the smart phone world of the individual consumer, but it was not really expected to be a real competitor for the BlackBerry in the business world. Yet as we have seen a number of different iterations of the iPhone we have seen a product that has developed and is now a serious contender for the entrepreneur who wants to remain connected, without necessarily having access to the laptop.

If you are a location independent professional, or somebody who truly wants to keep connected no matter where you are in the world then the latest Apple iPhone can be just what the doctor ordered. These phones are durable and will not easily succumb to the demands of the road warrior and they have an oversized screen making them readable and user-friendly.

Back in the day, most people simply wanted to work with Microsoft products for business productivity. It wasn’t surprising that solutions such as Word and Excel were absent from a product that was designed by Microsoft’s direct competitor, after all. However a lot has changed here. Now, the product works with Exchange Server, enabling you to receive your e-mail messages without any undue additional effort. You can get specifically designed Apps for the iPhone enabling you to view, create and edit Word and Excel files.

With each successive version of the iPhone usability is addressed. It is rumoured that the next version will have a much larger screen, which will make it much easier for you to browse the Web and work with individual documents should you wish. The latest versions of the iPhone also enable you to convert speech to text as a considerable step forward, bearing in mind just how “fiddly” it would be to actually type using the virtual keyboard supplied.

While there’s a certain amount of functionality included within the raft of software provided on the basic phone, surely the beauty of the iPhone is accessibility to the hundreds of thousands of different applications. No matter what type of business application you are seeking you’re sure to be able to find options here. You can download a task manager, an application enabling you to connect with a shipper or your bank.

Some larger corporations may have a question in their mind when it comes to employee productivity, as you are of course able to access all manner of “leisure time” applications for download as well. However, for the focused small-business person who wants to keep in touch with a team of virtual assistants while on the road, such focus should not be an issue.

It’s great to be able to work with a true business smart phone when you may not have access to a laptop, or be in an environment where you would rather be as flexible as possible.

If you could take one piece of technology with you to a desert island .. what would it be and why?