Looking To The Sky To Keep You In Touch

When you own and operate a small business it is vitally important to keep in touch. Traditionally, this has restricted the amount of freedom that an entrepreneur may feel that he or she is able to enjoy, due to the need to be close to a reliable form of communication. Whenever international travel was required in the past a lot of advance research would have to be conducted, to ensure that the business person would not be either out of touch or out-of-pocket as a consequence of the sheer cost of being connected over there.

Connectivity problems may have held back an aspiring entrepreneur, especially if regular travel was called for as a part of the business expansion. It wasn’t just the connection problems either. When the business owner had a staff of people “back at base” then there was often a certain amount of discomfort, not knowing whether they were being productive. With the advent of virtual assistant services worldwide a lot of this uncertainty has however been removed. Virtual assistants do their work specifically according to requirements and are not always paid by the hour. It is in their interest as well as the interest of the customer to ensure that work is completed to a high standard and on time.

Nevertheless, the client will want to keep in touch with the virtual assistant team no matter where he or she travels to in the world. For example, let’s imagine that a trip has to be scheduled to a remote destination in the Himalayas, or to somewhere in the Amazon rain forest. In situations like this it is wise to consider a satellite phone, as they are remarkably cost-effective and virtually guaranteed to be able to keep you in touch.

There are two different service solutions – Inmarsat and Iridium. Fundamentally, Inmarsat operates its satellites at very high Earth orbit, something known as geostationary. Iridium operates a sizeable number of satellites in low Earth orbit. If line of sight from the phone to the satellite system could possibly be obscured, such as if you were in the depths of the Amazon rainforest, then you would be better going for the Iridium. Their particular satellites are in constant motion and you will be able to pick up the signal in a fairly short space of time, as opposed to the other service. Essentially, if you’re not able to get a clear line of sight to the particular location on the Inmarsat satellite, then you won’t be able to get a signal at all.

You can pick up an Iridium 9555 satellite phone which is highly recommended by industry insiders. It has good battery life, a range of features and you can connect to the Web to provide yourself with data transfer and browsability.

No matter where you happen to be located in the world one or other of these satellite options are available to you, to enable you to keep in touch with your team of virtual assistants and ensure “business as usual.”