Don’t Let The Title Scare You When You Consider Article Marketing Automation

Some purists may think that whenever you mention the word “automation” in terms of online marketing, you’re setting yourself up for failure. It’s as if whenever you automate a task you are sliding towards becoming a black hat marketer, or someone who is all too ready to take a shortcut to try and get immediate financial gain. There is nothing wrong with automation so long as you are careful, of course. After all, the entire process of ranking pages and websites on the World Wide Web is essentially automated, according to the algorithms and rules put in place by the search engines. What is not likely to work is an automated process to try and fool the search engines by taking the easy road and not seeking to establish your presence earnestly and with purpose.

What’s Article Marketing Automation then? This is an article syndication alternative that is similar to a number of other solutions in terms of its approach, but that has a number of different options. For example, you can embed backlinks within the actual content itself, rather than coming up with what is known as the resource box. Many article marketing sites suggest that you only incorporate those backlinks to your site at the very end of the article, but with AMA you can put up to three of them within the body of the content itself. Also, here you can approach spinning by either modifying sentences, or phrases, or both. This approach can enable you to come up with a much higher degree of variation and the software tool shows you the percentage of uniqueness as you proceed through the creation of your spins.

Essentially, Article Marketing Automation relies on its own, significant network of self-hosted blogs. Your level of penetration will depend on your actual niche, as is most often the case of course, with more tightly defined niches on the lower end of distribution potential. You can nevertheless find that your work may be published on blogs that have been around for a long time and have already built up a good amount of credibility in the eyes of not just human visitors, but also the search engines like Google.

AMA has been touted as the “next generation in article marketing” and is certainly something which is worthy of consideration. Of course, the strength of article marketing is in your commitment. You cannot expect to generate just a few articles over the space of a couple of months and see any real benefit. Ideally, you should delegate this process to a virtual assistant so they can do keyword research initially to determine your article content, then write quality content and make sure that it’s spun to a level of uniqueness that enables you to penetrate the market. Article marketing can certainly be time-consuming, but this is why it’s a perfect solution for outsourcing. Remember that automation when it comes to article marketing is beneficial only if it refers to the methodology used, and not a way of turning out rubbish that makes no sense and benefits nobody.

What’s your TOP tip when it comes to Article Marketing?