Ideas For Outsourcing Your Project Management Online

Project management is all about drawing together a variety of resources and the input of relevant individuals to ensure that the common goal is achieved. In order for any project to be successful there must be a tremendous amount of oversight, but there must also be a strictly defined structure in place in order to ensure that everybody is “on the same page.” Yet establishing such a structure and then keeping on top of its maintenance and management can by itself be a very time-consuming task for the typically busy small business owner. The good news is that there are a variety of first-class software solutions available these days and a virtual assistant is very familiar with how these systems operate and should be managed.

1. Project Management Tools.

As cloud computing has become more and more established in recent months and years, so it has become a lot easier for geographically dispersed members of the team to keep in touch. This has led to a proliferation in the growth of specific project management tools designed for this purpose. However, many of these tools are designed for targeted purposes and it can be difficult to choose what tool to use. Nevertheless, the virtual assistant will invariably have had experience in using many of these tools and can advise the small business owner about initial selection.

2. Project Management Establishment.

In consultation with the business owner a virtual assistant can readily establish the infrastructure associated with project management and can reach out to all the necessary individuals to bring it all together. Many of these individuals may be part of the virtual assistant team in any case, but others may be specific vendors, business partners and even clients in many respects. Of course not every engaged individual should have access to every element associated with the project or specific information related to it. Therefore, the virtual assistant can delegate responsibility and set up accessibility accordingly.

3. Project Management.

The virtual assistant can effectively be the eyes and ears of the business owner when it comes to daily project management. In other words, the business owner does not need to dedicate valuable time to supervision here as the VA can instantly keep up with any issues, deadlines that are not met by specific individuals, work that may not be completed “to spec” and so on.

4. Project Management Reviews.

At predetermined intervals the virtual assistant can provide a specific summary of how each project is unfolding and can provide advice to the business owner regarding steps forward into the future. As and when required the VA can also review and assess any revisions to the way that a project management solution is engaged, advising whether a new platform should be considered if it is seen to be a lot more powerful and practical.

The secret to expansion when it comes to any small business is to outsource and delegate and then move on to the next subject. Whenever a new project is initiated it should therefore be handed off to the virtual assistant, as soon as possible.

How do you feel about Delegation?


  • Matt John Canty

    Thanks for sharing tips on how to manage virtual staffs. this is very helpful since managing and monitoring assistants virtually is the common concern of many whom are familiar with this field.  More Power!

    • Tracy Baker

      Hi Matt, welcome to the Blog :-)

      It is a common concern I agree but once explained clearly and help is given to clients who are unfamiliar with how to work virtually, quite often we find that they wish they had made the move a long time ago!

      Thanks so much for your comments!