Why You Will Probably Find Skitch To Be Invaluable

No matter how eloquent or descriptive we might think that we are, all of us come across a certain element of frustration when trying to describe something to someone on the phone or through a text message. If you find yourself saying “you know‚Ķ,” then you’re trying to prompt the other person somehow or other to visualise what you’re trying to say. You may be trying to describe what needs to be done to modify a particular graphic. You may be trying to describe where a particular business is located, in relation to other, more well-known parts of a particular city.

As we are so connected through all dimensions, there is no reason why we should just try and use a vocal description or explanation alone in order to achieve a goal. We can use some of the best technology and software available to communicate our point without any threat of misinterpretation. This is where Skitch is invaluable.

They say that a picture tells a thousand words. When you annotate that picture with a couple of arrows to point to what you’re trying to highlight and an appropriate word to describe the end result, then your picture is definitely telling the complete story. By simply selecting the appropriate image or graphic on your mobile device, opening up Skitch and adding a few simple annotations, you’re ready to send your work of art to the other person. If the other person is someone who you do business with regularly, or may be a member of your outsourcing team, then they should have Skitch at their disposal too. They can quite easily provide their own annotation to the document you just sent and send it back to you. Now, rather than spending a lengthy period of time trying to mutually understand each other, you’re all set to go.

In today’s world there is no substitute for efficiency in terms of productivity and time management. Time spent needlessly trying to get a particular point across or arguing about a specific project can be reclaimed by using the most efficient software tools for that purpose. Those who use Skitch on a regular basis find that they are increasingly unable to do without it. However, perhaps it may take some more serious repercussions before you, as a small-business owner, realise that you cannot afford to be without such an efficient tool. If you miss a deadline or set up a meeting incorrectly due to poor communication, then this could lead to annoyance, wasting time and the potential loss of business.

There are many additional uses, quite apart from in a two-way communication situation. For example, you can use Skitch as a screen capture tool. When you find something online that you might want to add to your blog, you can capture it, annotate and resize and upload to your server at the touch of a button.

As Skitch is now an integral part of Evernote, we can see a marriage made in heaven for the harried business owner. As they say, Evernote remembers everything and Skitch helps to draw attention to anything.

Now you know a little about Skitch … how could you use it in YOUR Business? … drop us a comment below :-)