How To Explore Advanced Options To Help You Collaborate With Evernote And Your VA

An archive is only really as good as its indexing system. In years gone by our personal and small-business archive might have relied upon the ability of our memory to recollect the “where and when.” Whenever trying to search in a large volume for some pertinent information we might even have had to resort to the manual index in the back of the book. All of this was not very efficient and could certainly affect business productivity. Today, however, we can rely on great advances in technology to enable us to be able to find information at the drop of a hat relating to specific keywords.

Until fairly recently we would still have to rely on some form of manual entry or keying process in order to add specific tags and references for our indexing purposes. Yet now OCR, or optical character recognition software can actually help us achieve the same goal.

Consider the solution available in the paid version of Evernote. For a really low annual financial outlay you can upgrade the software, which then makes available some very valuable add-ons. The OCR tool is quite powerful. When you take a picture of a business receipt, for example, the solution will analyse the uploaded image and extract recognisable text. Then, in the future, when you enter a specific keyword into Evernote, the image of that particular business receipt will pop up, even though you did not enter the appropriate tag manually at the time.

If you’re not making use of the Evernote Hello module, then you can instead take a photograph of any business cards that you may pick up at the next seminar or conference. OCR will index them for you. You can upload substantial PDF files within their own Evernote notebook and the software will perform optical character recognition to provide you with an indexing capability that could be really productive in the future.

With the free version of the software you can sometimes come up against some restrictions. For example you may be travelling for a lengthy period of time without an Internet connection. A continental flight jumps to mind. With the paid version you’re able to download local copies of data from various notebooks within the app, so that you can work essentially off-line. Then, when you land or when connectivity is restored everything can be synced up to the various devices once again.

Remember that you can share notebooks with your virtual assistant team to really fast track collaboration on a variety of different projects. It is one of the most user-friendly project management tools on the market today. All information is stored in the cloud and with the upgraded version you have the option to encrypt your files before uploading, for optimum and additional security. This may be of particular interest if, for example, you’re maintaining a notebook with login details for a variety of different online sites and membership accounts.

Many people find that Evernote is indispensable when travelling away from the office. It’s certainly an invaluable tool to help you keep in touch with your VA team.

Has the above post helped you in organising your files, documents and projects?  What do you currently use?