How To Let Your Voice Be Heard – Freedom As Provided By VoIP

Voice over Internet protocol is perhaps one of the greatest revolutions associated with our communications technology in recent years. It wasn’t that long ago when we were tied to conventional land lines, even as the mobile cell phone revolution emerged all around us. Cell phones at that time were somewhat unpredictable and could be inordinately expensive when it came to long-distance calls. This permitted many of the legacy carriers associated with landline communication to charge incredible sums of money to business customers to keep them in touch with clients and consumers around the world.

For many small business owners at that time the world certainly was not their oyster. In fact, due to the cost of reaching out to consumers business expansion was often slow and very steady. Even though the entrepreneur was a provider of a service the cost of communication was still prohibitive.

Today, VoIP is recognised around the world although certain countries are still very recalcitrant. One or two nations in the Middle East, for example, are known to be actively trying to restrict the growth of VoIP and in particular Skype, favouring domestic service providers instead.

Yet when it comes to the new age small business owner there are few boundaries, at least in terms of technology and communication, when it comes to expansion. Due to the availability of Wi-Fi and constant means of access to a Web browser, communication can be as easy as logging on and signing in. Yet Skype, the leader in this field, has seen some growing pains. This has led to the introduction of tools specifically aimed at business people. Skype Manager is a web-based management tool, specifically designed for small business owners.

It’s quite easy to set up Skype Manager. As most people have a personal Skype account now, you simply need to log in using your personal details and configure the business specific tool according to your requirements. You can set up individual contact numbers and accounts for people who are active within your organisation including your outsourced VA team as required. There is an easy to navigate dashboard for you to use.

If you do tend to travel extensively but want to keep in touch with all of your team, including virtual assistants, without having to resort to mobile phones, SIM cards and the like, then the upgraded Skype Manager should be a perfect solution.

There are a number of monthly charges associated with this upgrade, including a cost per person for group video calling, so much per person for voicemail and another allocation for each dedicated online number that you use. Skype to Skype callers can of course talk without any actual call rate being charged, while there are relatively low call rates when you need your Skype call to be connected to a traditional digital phone system.

So long as you have access to the Internet either through dedicated connection, through Wi-Fi, or even by tethering, voice over Internet protocol can be configured as a tool to help you with your business productivity.

Is Your Voice Being Heard?  Do you use VOIP to break free from your Office?