How Using A Project Management Space With Your VA Can Save You Time

Most small business owners are now used to the concept of working with a team of outsourcers and if they aren’t, they are certainly looking into it, as they become more critical of business operating costs. Advances in the way that we all use the Internet and interact online have made it possible to engage a truly first class team of virtual assistants, individuals who we may never have met face-to-face before. Years ago this would simply be an alien concept, but if we look back at those days we can see just how much of that overhead cost ate into our bottom line. Due to recent, difficult economic times such a luxury, if one can call it that, is not acceptable anymore. Today, working with a first class team of virtual assistants is logical, sensible, productive and very cost effective.

Yet it’s not acceptable to simply engage a team of VA’s and believe that all your problems are automatically answered. Certainly, you will be able to outsource a large variety of tasks from purely administrative, to creative and marketing, but there is still a certain amount of work that you, the business owner have to do in any case.

It almost goes without saying that there is an amount of interaction, as you have to give instructions, send files back and forth, approve amendments or deal with any questions that may come up. Nothing can be totally automated, especially in the dynamic business world as we see it today. This is why project management systems emerged and have become a fantastic resource in their own right.

Why is it important for the business owner to use a project management system? In short, it cuts down the amount of time that you will need to set aside to work with your team of collaborators to best effect. If you remember that the very reason for working with a virtual assistant in the first place was to become more efficient, more productive and to free up a certain amount of time, then it doesn’t make too much sense to “regress” to the use of older methods of communication, as you engage with your VA’s.

Some business owners still resort to using e-mails in a somewhat lengthy “back and forth” flow of messages as they deal with a particular issue or update. It would be a whole lot easier and certainly more time effective if all these communications were handled through the project management system. These systems are specifically designed to make the transmission of messages and files as simple and as instantaneous as possible. It’s far better to allocate the least amount of time necessary to deal with an issue through the PMS, rather than wasting the time that may be spent sending endless e-mails back and forth.

Time is undoubtedly money, of that there can be no argument. Having made the giant step forward by engaging a team of virtual assistants, it only makes sense for the business owner to ensure that day-to-day communications are handled through the ideal resource, the project management system.

How do you communicate and collaborate with YOUR Team?