How A Project Management System Can Improve Collaboration With Your VA

When you truly understand just how a project management system works, you may experience an “a-ha” moment. You see, you may be used to a certain amount of latency when it comes to online communication. Certainly, virtual communication has come a long way in recent times and we are a lot more connected than we ever used to be. It’s amazing how simple it is to connect with a member of your outsourced team should they happen to be a continent away. Many small business owners feel quite happy that they don’t have to deal with long-distance telephone calls at all.

Yet until project management systems really started to mature and become first-class business tools, small business owners still worried about that latency problem. Prior to the PMS, e-mail was the communications method of choice. Certainly, you could get to the point and be succinct and it is relatively easy to fire off an e-mail whenever you need to modify certain aspects of a particular project. Still, there was a certain amount of time “lost” before you heard back from the recipient and this could amount to a fairly large problem if the topic in question was quite involved or difficult to get across.

The best project management system allows you to truly collaborate and essentially in real-time. In other words, within the project management system you can issue “to do’s,” brainstorm on a virtual whiteboard and see any revisions instantaneously as they are made. The screen refreshes automatically so you don’t have to worry about whether you missed the point that the other person was making, for example.

This is surely the ultimate in collaboration. No longer do you have to send drafts back and forth to get the other party’s opinion. Now, you can work very cost and time effectively to brainstorm and come up with a finished product just as if you were all sitting around the same table in the same office.

Furthermore, as a small business owner and project manager you can see a daily timeline of updates made in real-time. You don’t have to worry that you missed something important, as you can see immediately whether crucial projects are being completed and updated by your outsourcing team.

These advances in the way that project management systems work have laid to rest any of the concerns raised by “old school” entrepreneurs. The fact that a team of collaborators were not on hand suggested to some business people that interaction and productivity would suffer. However, we can see that work can be completed according to a strict timeline and equally as efficiently as it would’ve been, if that team of collaborators had been in the same office and under the same roof.

Of course we know that it’s infinitely more preferable to having the team in that same office and under that same roof, as it is much more cost-effective and indeed more efficient to work with your team of virtual assistants “in the cloud” like this.

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