Google May Be Late To The Party, But Makes A Strong Entrance

Strangely for one of the leaders in cloud computing through solutions such as Gmail, Google has been largely absent from the space occupied by market leaders like Dropbox and Sugar Sync. In other words it hasn’t been able to offer a real cloud storage or sharing solution up until now. Enter, stage right, Google Drive. Now all avid fans of everything Google will be able to sync and share their files in a Google branded cloud and better late than never you could say.

In line with Sugar Sync at the head of the tree here you can try out this new service with up to 5 GB of capacity for no cost. An added bonus attached to this solution however may be the fact that you can interface with apps in the Chrome Store, as well as integrate with Google Docs.

To set up the system you can download a desktop app or can in fact access through a web-based console. It does not take you long to install the desktop application and once you have finished you’ll be able to add your files promptly to the new Google Drive folder which will appear. Note that you will be able to integrate with an already existing Google account so that files you have been working with in Google Docs automatically appear in this folder. However unlike the main competitors Google has not created versions across all mobile platforms. As we know there often appear to be “disagreements” with arch rival Apple and there is no app for the iOS platform currently. However, it is rumoured that this is currently being addressed.

The Google Drive interface is virtually identical to the one you may be familiar with over at Google Docs. You can access tabs that show you what you have recently edited or opened, or that have been opened or edited by anyone else you have been sharing with. You can easily create new folders and fill with relevant files and you can opt to share individual files within a folder. Something that may be of particular interest here is the fact that this solution allows you to recognise and open more than 30 different file types. These can include larger video files, Photoshop files and so on. Even if you do not have the program installed on your desktop Google Drive can, through its preview mode, allow you to open and preview those files without any drama.

As you might expect you can automatically sync files between your desktop and the cloud either immediately or, if you don’t have a web connection right now, as soon as you do. You have immediate notification whether a file has been actioned or not as a green tick will appear next to the filename when this is the case.

This product is very competitively priced. Over and above the 5 GB of storage available for free, 25 GB will only cost you $2.49 per month. Various options are available all the way up to 16 TB.

This is a very solid addition to the market and has the additional benefit of being able to interface well with many of the other existing Google solutions.

What cloud sharing app could you not live without? ….