20 Things you Really SHOULD NOT Share!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Social Media and focus my energy specifically on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. I use these platforms on a personal level for social networking as well as being part of an integral marketing strategy for Coffee Not Included.

That said, whilst I appreciate the word “Social” in Social Network, the content that some people post and tweet leaves me speechless at times. If you are using Social Media for your business, PLEASE take it seriously, try as much as possible to keep your personal and business profiles separate.

In today’s post I thought I would give you guys my own view on some things that should definitely NOT be shared ;-)

So here are my Top 20 Tips to protect your brand and your reputation as well as your bank account:


1. How many cows you milked or chickens you have plucked on Farmville

2. Party photos showing you in an alcohol induced state.

3. That you are having a party – you may get inundated with uninvited guests

4. Complaining about your boss – enough said!

5. That you are going on holiday

6. Your daily schedule

7. What you ate for breakfast

8. Dramas with your friends

9. That you are having an affair

10. Photos of the Office Christmas Party

11. That you are planning a “sickie”

12. Photos of you blatantly not sick on a “sickie”

13. Your bodily functions

14. Extreme blasphemy

15. How to get more friends/followers/likes – sounds like a scam

16. Posting an hour by hour account of what you are doing … it’s very annoying

17. Extreme views on race, religion or politics

18. Hints to passwords, or worse still your mobile phone number (unless of course you have privacy settings to prevent the world from seeing it)

19. Constant selling, filling up timelines with the same sales pitch time and time again will turn people off faster than a light switch.

20. Finally, if you are not comfortable about sharing it …. guess what? ….. DON’T DO IT!

Can you think of other things that should not be shared on Social Media Networks?



  • Lyndy-lou

    I’m with you on most of them but especially number 19. I am so fed up of following people who I thought were really worthy only to be bombarded with nothing but repetitive, spammy self promotion. I actually do like a bit of the personal stuff (within reason) as it makes people/business come across as a bit more human!

    • http://www.coffeenotinc.co.uk Tracy Baker

      Hi Lyndy-lou and welcome to the Blog – great to see you here!

      Oh I agree entirely, personally I try to make sure that I follow “real” people who have been actively engaged within the last 7 days but this does mean that you are still open to spammers following you and posting self promotion. If it is incessant I will unfollow as I feel it’s not within the realms of social networking.

      Making your posts and tweets personal is definitely the way to go, we are all human beings after all but these were just a few things that I felt were best kept out of the loop lol.

      Thanks for sharing your insights Lyndy-Lou ;-)

  • http://virtualassistant-live.com/ Michelle Dale

    Ha ha! This made me laugh, if anyone has the time to be posting an hour by hour account of their day they need to get a life lol :) Thanks for a great post Tracy and making me smile.

    • http://www.coffeenotinc.co.uk Tracy Baker

      Glad to have made you chuckle Michelle! Honestly I’ve actually seen someone do this on Facebook … as you say they need to get a life!

      Have a great day Michelle and thanks for dropping by ;-)

  • Grainne Foley

    Hi Tracy

    What a great list, it gave me a great laugh also but the sad part is that I have come across some of them.  I wonder sometimes if people realize that employers and future employers look at SM before they interview you, do you really want people to see you drunk!

    Thanks for the laugh


    • http://www.coffeenotinc.co.uk Tracy Baker

      Hi Grainne :o )

      Yes I’ve actually come across many of these. I believe in keeping it personal, give people an insight into the real you but not to the extent of what you ate for breakfast lol

      Glad to have given you a laugh today Grainne x