How A Virtual Assistant Can Help Creative Professionals Online, Using Smilebox.

There is a growing opportunity for professional photographers to create a lasting and positive impression of their own ability by using some of the great emerging tools online. These are certainly exciting times for those with an eye for creativity in the real world, especially as technology has become infinitely more affordable and available. As photographers are able to operate entirely in the digital realm today there’s also no delay in producing their finished work and this can be especially of interest to those who specialise in the production of images from ‘live’ events.

Because we live in a world that expects results now and not tomorrow the photographer is always under a certain amount of pressure to not only produce the best visual record of any event, but to produce it quickly and with some polish. It’s fair to say that there is a lot of competition in the photographic field and it doesn’t just take an exceptional “eye” for the product these days, it also requires the entrepreneur to have a good feel for marketing, distribution and exposure.

This is why many photographers are turning to a virtual assistant. While the photographer is doing what he or she does best, that is getting out there and taking the photograph, the virtual assistant can be dealing with showcasing the talent of the photographer. For example, by using a product such as Smilebox. This is a great solution allowing a large variety of individual photographs or videos to be compiled and put together into a very professional looking slideshow. Each image can be tagged and specific text added and the slideshow itself can be configured in many different ways according to the mood or feel, in addition to any requirements of the final clients.

Smilebox also allows for the creation of electronic greeting cards and this can be another way for the creative professional to express and to reach out to prospects. The virtual assistant can help you choose a specific image for each individual client so that you can keep in touch with them during important personal occasions such as birthdays, holidays etc. Remember that reaching out in this way is an essential part of public relations activity for any operation, large or small.

Once the slideshow has been created the virtual assistant can help to distribute it in a number of different ways. The finished product can be sent by e-mail to clients for their perusal, and be posted to a personal Facebook page created for a particular event, for example. If the VA is maintaining a blog for the photographer then this can be another portal for the finished display. Alternatively should the photographer’s client require a “real” copy of this work then it can be downloaded to a DVD and forwarded accordingly.

This solution is great for adding a significant amount of polish to the finished work of the creative professional and when a virtual assistant is engaged to operate the system, it allows the professional to accept more gigs on a daily basis to keep the wheels rolling.

How could you creatively keep in touch with your clients?