Why Sugar Sync May Hit Your Sweet Spot

Perhaps one of the best value and lesser-known options in the syncing and file sharing space is Sugar Sync. Indeed many experts put this particular option at the head of the list due to value for money and workability. To start with unlike most of the competitors, led by Dropbox, Sugar Sync gives you 5 GB for free when you sign up – other competitors allocate a 2 GB ceiling for this freebie accessibility. But maybe the beauty of this particular option is its simplicity.

First of all it’s important to note that Sugar Sync is available on a very broad spectrum of platforms. In addition to Windows and Mac a Linux client is in development. Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and iOS are of course catered for.

Its simplicity begins when you sign up for the account. Download and install the software and select the identity of the device you are using by assigning an icon to it. When you choose the folders that you want to back up on their servers and make available to others (as well as to your other devices) the software will create something euphemistically called a “Magic Briefcase.” This is the master folder inside your Documents folder and is accessed via a shortcut on the desktop. When you put a file into this “Magic Briefcase,” it is automatically copied and synchronised with all the other magical briefcases on your other machines. Within the Manager application, which is accessed through the software icon on the system tray, you can right-click on any folder or file and instantly add it to the process. You will need to refer to the specific “add sync folders” button in the file manager rather than trying to drag and drop to achieve the same outcome.

Sharing is quite intuitive as well. Here you can provide them with a URL where they are able to look at particular file or folder contents. You have a good level of control here, however. You can allow them to only view the content if you do not want any modifications, or allow them to view and edit. Furthermore you can insist that they enter a specific code first for security purposes in order to be able to see the contents of the folder.

According to Sugar Sync the lowest tier plans starting at just a few dollars a month allow you enough space to hold and share 3000 documents, 6000 photos or 6000 MP3s. The different business plans are scalable allowing you to purchase storage and allow access to users as and when you need, rather than having to anticipate what you may need in advance, or pay for more than you actually require. Don’t worry about all those updated files counting towards your storage limit however as the company will only count the most recent version of any particular file towards your storage limit.

This particular solution is seen as being one of the most robust and user-friendly on the market and a good competitor for the bigger or more established options.

What’s your top tip for file sharing? … we love reading your comments :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1101501117 Steve Haynes

    Great article Tracy.
    With so many providers of cloud storage covering a plethora of devices (Windows, Mac, IOS, Android etc), it is often difficult to choose between cloud providers. I found ‘Box’ to be a very good solution for me as they cover most platforms, and using particular partner links, you can get 25GB of storage space free. You may remember I recently wrote a brief post on my Facebook page showing how to sign up for 25GB of storage http://www.facebook.com/techion/posts/389393804487036 .
    This is just one option amongst many though as I say. In the end it is down to an individual or company preference and confidence in a provider that seals the deal.

    • http://www.coffeenotinc.co.uk Tracy Baker

      Hi Steve

      I’m so pleased you found the post useful and that you already use “Box” to great effect!

      Thanks so much for dropping by the blog :)