How A Virtual Assistant Can Help Creative Professionals Online, Using Flickr

In recent times we have heard that Flickr has become one of the strongest photo sharing sites on the Web. It’s also one of the most highly trafficked social networking media sites which should naturally make it very interesting to small-business owners who deal in creativity. It is in short a very strong community with an active user base and as an outlet should most definitely be on the radar screen for any creative professionals.

Essentially you can get your virtual assistant to establish your Flickr account for free. It is not an overtly commercial entity however and you should be very careful to treat it as such. Remember that social media sites can be very beneficial from a commercial point of view but only if you use them “correctly.” Any attempt to use your membership here in an overtly commercial sense is likely to lead to consternation on the part of the other users and even disconnection by the operators.

The virtual assistant will of course be very aware of how to handle and approach it. For example, your profile can be used to advertise the company and whatever products or services you may specialise in, by carefully describing your operation and what it does. This is not a place for a massive sales pitch but it is the place for all the valuable contact information including a website address. You can display your branding here as well by using your company logo as your “buddy icon” within the profile.

A commercial photographer or an interior designer, as just two examples, should ensure that quality photographs are uploaded to showcase their best work. Bear in mind however that each photograph should in its own way tell a story of some kind. Once again, it’s not simply a place to display photographs of products or services, but if you ensure that each photo can inspire or interest other users in a specific way, then you’re hitting the nail on the head, as they say.

Text and tags can be used creatively to describe the photo and help to drive interest created by them toward your commercial site. Once again, it’s best to take direction from your virtual assistant here as to what will work and what is likely to be crossing that line. Always remember once again that this is a social media site that has opportunities for you to use it commercially, if you understand and play by the rules.

Another good option here is to look for and join specific keywords related groups. There are a large number of groups on Flickr dedicated to just about anything. Ask your virtual assistant to give advice here based on the nest of keywords that the VA has already selected for your small business. Some groups in the network may be dedicated to your home city or the locality most appropriate for you. Hence you will be able to reach a local audience with interest in your ability, using geo-specific keywords.

Are you a creative professional?  What tools do you enjoy using most?