Building Your LinkedIn Network With Your VA

Think outside of the box when considering LinkedIn. Of course we know that it’s a business-to-business based “social” network and we should be aware of just how important it is to have a full and complete profile within. If you don’t spend time, or rather have your virtual assistant help you, then you cannot expect to use LinkedIn to its fullest potential. You need to use it to build as deep and as broad a network as possible and to make sure that you appear within similar networks belonging to others within and around the periphery of your industry.

Rule number one must be to ensure that your network is a quality one, but don’t be so narrow minded as to exclude those who may work in tangential industries, or who may be just getting involved in the business anyway. Remember that we all have to start somewhere and it’s worth taking a good look at any invitations that are received.

In the online world we know that there’s a great deal to be said for depth, credibility, visibility and social “buzz.” We see this day after day when it comes to Google algorithms and the way that the company displays results to searchers. You should know that LinkedIn also places a great deal of relevance on the depth and breadth of your account. This means that not only should your profile be comprehensive and well thought out, but that you should have as broad and as relevant a network as possible. The more checks that you put in these boxes the more likely you are to appear in search results.

Request your virtual assistant to review each and every invitation you may receive from another member. See what kind of profile they maintain. For example, if they can’t even bother to put an up-to-date profile picture or any picture at all, then they’re not taking themselves or their business very seriously. Ask yourself questions such as do I work now or have I worked in the past within the same industry? Do you have common interests or hobbies by any chance? Who are you connected to through the applicant and what’s the value of that connection?

Even though it is possible to send a generic invitation to another LinkedIn member requesting a connection it’s much better to be specific and to say why you feel the connection would be important. You should adopt this procedure and approach with your virtual assistant when you’re reaching out to others. Review each invitation to connect that you get and see whether it makes any sense to approve the application or not.

When you have a specific approach to building a network in this way it’s amazing what will happen over time. The quality of your network will grow to such a point that others will naturally gravitate toward you. You may find that you need to spend less active time reaching out and more time approving and then enjoying the quality connections that arrive on your virtual doorstep.

What are your Top Tips for utilising Linked In for Business?