How A VA Can Help You Build A LinkedIn Strategy

Do you have a specific strategy in place when it comes to dealing with LinkedIn? It may be true to say that a lot of small business owners bypass this social platform altogether, but this is increasingly a mistake due to the amount of work that the network itself has put in over recent months. Now it makes a great deal of sense to spend time on building up your LinkedIn profile and company pages, to say nothing of getting involved with their Groups feature. Maybe you need to have a detailed discussion with your virtual assistant who can operate your LinkedIn profile on a daily basis.

Even if you have a LinkedIn presence, how “fresh” is it? Just take a look at your profile for example. How up-to-date is that photograph? It’s amazing how many people use a relatively low-quality photograph that they just happened to have in a folder somewhere. It cannot be understated how important that first impression is and in this case your personal photograph needs to be professionally composed and produced and show you in the best light possible. If you really are going to use LinkedIn to its fullest extent and are the type of person to attend industry conferences, meetings or events then you want to be instantly recognisable. Of course you don’t have the time to talk to every single person at such an event, but what if that potentially lucrative contact happens to recognise you from the far corner of the room? Now you will see just how important it was to update that photograph, after all.

Nothing stands still in life in general or in your business world. Why is it, therefore, that people tend to leave their profile “as is” for an extended period of time? LinkedIn itself has made some changes to the makeup of the personal and company pages and you should work with your virtual assistant to ensure that your profile is adequately optimised today.

You may well find that you can use some good industry buzzwords within the body of your profile to make yourself appear more relevant within your industry. Don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet here and remember that your updates will be shared with the networks you belong to, so long as your virtual assistant has enabled the appropriate setting within your profile details.

We all know how important keywords are in our online world. Do you have the right keyword phrases in your profile summary? Have a good look at your skill set as itemised in LinkedIn. Are you missing out on search exposure due to the fact that you have less than a comprehensive set of skills listed? Keep updating your profile headline often and you will find that you have more and more visitors to your profile; this can only be potentially lucrative in the long run.

LinkedIn is part of a network of sites that your virtual assistant must maintain for you including of course your blog and your website. By keeping up to date, fresh and relevant within LinkedIn you will be able to grow your network, enhance your visibility and drive traffic to your commercial sites.

 Do you have a specific strategy in place when it comes to dealing with LinkedIn?