Hello Groups And Goodbye Answers – Ask Your VA What’s Going On At LinkedIn

As a small-business owner have you ever tried advertising on one of the various social networks before?  Of course we are all aware of how successful Google’s ad network has become and how that company has really perfected the “art” of pay per click. Other people may have tried advertising on Facebook. This has been touted as a new and somewhat easier way of reaching a mass-market audience, as compared to Google’s Adsense. If you really want to analyse the reach of Facebook though, you have to understand that it’s largely driven by the information that people put into their Facebook profile and by various parameters and algorithms based on their Internet activities associated with the platform.

It may not be surprising therefore if some of the results are a little bit wide of the mark, bearing in mind that there is no real “pressure” to fill in your online profile accurately or comprehensively on Facebook if you think about it. However, when it comes to LinkedIn the company puts a great deal of emphasis on comprehension. Furthermore, the business professional is more likely to spend the time to update his or her profile and to create a company page with significant information contained therein. Therefore, LinkedIn has, potentially at least, more relevant information to deal with when delivering ads to its members.

It’s likely, as well, that your article is going to be better received as LinkedIn is by itself seen as being more “commercial” than the likes of Facebook or Twitter from an exposure point of view. You may also be able to get to adverts shown on other professional websites through a partnership that LinkedIn has with another advertising company.

Allocate a budget and experiment with LinkedIn in this way. Your virtual assistant can help you to assess the viability or profitability of your experiment. Make sure that you have a clear strategy yourself first and foremost and that your message is consistent and always professional. You might just be surprised at the efficacy of your new LinkedIn advertising campaign.

While LinkedIn Groups may be a great place to engage with people who are in your specific industry and may be a good place to generate answers to questions that you have, LinkedIn Answers was indeed a very valuable feature its own right. Here you were able to broadcast business specific questions to not only members of your network but the entire community. You were often able to find access to a number of great resources and several different alternatives to help you with your specific problem.

Unfortunately, Answers is no longer a part of the LinkedIn community, but nevertheless this B2B network continues to become ever more prominent for the entrepreneur today.

It seems that every month or so a new feature appears or some particular aspect is updated or refined. Ask your virtual assistant to keep an eye on any innovations or alterations, so that you can take advantage of them from your own specific point of view.

Do you keep yourself up to date with the new features and innovations on Social Media?