How A VA Can Support Clients By Running LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn can be a fabulous promotional tool for any business, so long as you understand what it’s all about and pay as much attention here as you would to the other “heavyweights,” like Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps it is because the other heavyweights have such a high profile within our society in general LinkedIn often takes on the role of the poor cousin. But any business large or small should focus on the fact that their target customer may well have a strong affinity to LinkedIn themselves. When this is the case it may not be enough just to have a “personal” presence, and because of this you should ask your virtual assistant to help you get a company page up and running.

Look at it as having a free website, if you want to. You will be able to detail all your services and products and take advantage of a number of different multimedia opportunities. Those videos that seem to work so well on your website can work equally as well here on LinkedIn. Arrange with your virtual assistant to update this particular property frequently and even on a daily basis. You may well already have such a philosophy in place for the likes of Twitter and Facebook, so go the extra distance and feed your LinkedIn company presence equally as well.

Due to the fact that LinkedIn has a very sophisticated search engine, enabling searches of great depth and specificity, make sure that your LinkedIn page is front and centre and optimised as such. It’s no fluke that references to LinkedIn pages appear often on the first page of those search engine results.

Today many a small business owner wears more than one hat. If you have a number of business operations, or simply have different activities within one corporate body you can still have more than one company page on LinkedIn. Once again it’s worth the effort to delineate this properly and get your virtual assistant to set it up in such a way that each entity can be controlled and managed on a regular basis.

It’s quite possible that several different people are involved in your organisation, whether they are principles, associates or key contractors. Make sure that their personal and professional profiles link to your company page and ensure that the description of your company or business entity is comprehensive and relevant.

Even though LinkedIn is seen as a marketplace that may be primarily aimed at the business-to-business sector remember that each person viewing your profile is also a consumer. Depending on the type of business you’re in exposure here can have an exponential effect on sales and general publicity. Once again, though, remember that you need to work with your virtual assistant to ensure that the up-to-date information is contained within and that your page is frequently updated.

Also, remember that in the new world of online marketing and SEO “social search” is the buzzword. This is why it’s important to spend time updating your LinkedIn pages and profiles.

Do you have a Linked In Company Page?