Google Apps For The Nomad

Sometimes, as a digital nomad and location independent entrepreneur you can get away with minimal amounts of interaction with either clients or fellow collaborators. Other times, you have to maintain an intense level of communication and this puts additional emphasis on maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and presentation, even if you might not have a permanent and established office, per se. If this is the case you need to equip yourself with as many professional tools as possible, but must ensure that the functionality associated with these tools is such that they can be pressed into service by your outsource team as well, without any undue cause for concern.

There are a number of highly rated tools that are readily available through your web browser. You don’t have to fork out on software that needs to be downloaded and shared and that may be subject to regular updates and other difficulties, when you can access all your solutions in the cloud.

For example if you need to keep in touch with your outsourcers, you can use a combination of Google Voice, Wave and Buzz – three applications within the Google Apps product, giving you multiple communication channels. Now, you can have voice, instant messaging, video conferencing as well as e-mail capability, enabling you to keep in touch with your outsourcers wherever they may be.

Gmail is being used very effectively by thousands of digital nomads these days. It supports Pop-3 and IMAP protocols, meaning that you can make use of domain-based mail capabilities all routed through to your single Gmail account in the cloud. You can transmit mail from your domain e-mail address directly from your Gmail screen and it can also be linked to the mobile devices of your outsourcers, as well as your own for constant connectivity.

Remaining in the Google Apps product, you can further collaborate with your outsourcers by opening up tools within the Google Docs application. You can share your documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawings instantly online and other people who are logged in can both see and edit the same file in real-time, ensuring that you constantly have the latest and most up-to-date version. Of course security may be very important in these environments, but the administrator can easily manage the file sharing permissions through the system and can revoke access at any time, should there be an issue.

Now when it comes to time management, outsourcing and even the handling of sensitive client documents for review and authorisation, there are many professional grade, enterprise-level solutions on the web. Base camp is one of the premier budget management tools focused on collaboration with project-based functionality, task-based regulation and a highly professional level of presentation, enabling you to interact with your outsourcers and share your work in progress with clients safely and securely.

Through cloud computing solutions such as this, the digital nomad is able to work remotely online without compromising efficiency and while maintaining the highest standards in the eyes of the paying customer.

What’s your favourite cloud based application? I’d love to know :-)


  • Michelle Dale

    I would be lost without Gmail! I love it :)

    • Tracy Baker

      Oh me too!! The more I learn about Google Apps, the more I just love it ;-)