How A Virtual Assistant Can Make Your Podcasts Sound Really Professional

As there are so many ways that we can communicate our message today, it would be a shame if we didn’t at least try each and every one of them. Yet many of these solutions require that you have at least some technical ability, to say nothing of the time required to put it all together. A case in point is the podcast. For the uninitiated this is a way of communicating your ongoing message to your list in an easy to consume format. The podcast is like a miniature radio show, if you like, where you talk in a conversational style about the latest news or information relating to your niche.

It sounds relatively straightforward but if you’re going to do it properly – as you must – you simply have to be able to master the technical aspects associated. This is where a virtual assistant who has this type of specialist knowledge comes in.

Now, while a virtual assistant can certainly take a lot of the technical work on board here you will have to allocate an amount of time on a regular basis to gather together and formulate the raw material. While the VA can of course help you with research it’s up to you as the expert to put together the ideas and concepts you wish to impart.

It’s very handy to use a mind mapping tool to help you brainstorm and flesh out the content. You could consider a podcast as the equivalent of a mini e-book, or a number of articles and remember that you can repurpose the content of the podcast this way as well for additional effect.

Get your virtual assistant to help you research specific information, Web links and so on once you have fleshed out the structure for your upcoming podcast. You should also get your virtual assistant involved in creating the theme and in producing intros and outros, which you will use on each and every podcast as you go forward.

As you’re brainstorming it’s a great idea to come up with an overall topic for a number of different podcasts each month. You need to create a series of these and get into a routine of doing so, as the real advantage here is in the creation of a listening routine for your prospects. As each and every podcast comes and goes you will gain credibility and they will step a little bit closer to making a purchase of some kind from you.

So ensure that your virtual assistant has the ability to edit audio files, so that you can mix together your intro music, the body of your content and your outro seamlessly. Furthermore, the virtual assistant should be very good at audio editing.

Once you have the framework of the podcast together with your notes, go ahead and record it using audio software readily available these days. Don’t worry about getting this perfectly right the first time as this is where your virtual assistant will really shine. Someone with excellent audio editing ability will be able to remove all the pops, hisses, lengthy pauses and retakes and put together a truly seamless production.

 Have you used Podcasts in your business and to what effect?