How Your Virtual Assistant Can Open The Doors To Hollywood For You

Video can be intimidating, there’s no two ways about it. While some people might say that you have to have a certain gregarious nature to be an entrepreneur the fact remains that many people simply don’t like to stand up in front of an audience. Yet when it comes to online marketing you don’t have to do that, as it’s perfectly feasible to create a video using some of the best tools available today. When you further understand that a virtual assistant can take a lot of the technical work out of the equation for you altogether, then video production absolutely should be a part of your planning straightaway.

Remember that people would much prefer to watch a video rather than read through the written word online. This is a fact and there are many studies that prove this. This is undoubtedly why video content is expected to overtake the written word in terms of online content delivery very shortly and is undoubtedly part of the reason for the explosive growth of YouTube.

Products like Camtasia can be used as a perfectly good video editing tool. A number of still images can be brought together as a slideshow together with your expert narration. You can use this programme to record the screen as part of a “how-to” video for your followers, narrating what people are seeing as the story unfolds.

When you use a virtual assistant who is up-to-date with various technical solutions available today then you need not worry about becoming the Cecil B DeMille of your generation. (If you have never heard of him he is one of Hollywood’s most successful filmmakers of the early 20th century). Indeed, when you have a virtual assistant who is very technically astute then all you need worry about is producing content in the first place. This can then be repurposed in so many wonderful ways today.

Even if you decide that you would like to stand in front of the camera and produce teaching videos for example, you don’t have to spend a small fortune when purchasing equipment and tools. You can create a very purposeful and highly professional small studio in your office for relatively little investment. The virtual assistant who specialises in video matters can help you configure such a set up and advise the best equipment to purchase within your budget.

Products from Apple (for the Mac) or Adobe (for your PC) can be used to edit any video production seamlessly and professionally. It’s even possible to use a stock solution such as Animoto, where a lot of the editing work is done by the programme itself and where you can access some royalty-free music to use too.

You should be riding the video wave in association with your virtual assistant, who has taken the time to get up to speed with all the technicalities. You would be amazed just how many steps up the ladder of professionalism you will take when you market your voice, products and services this way.

How do you currently use video in your business?