Three Ways Your VA Can Help With Your Tele-Seminar

What’s the difference between a tele-seminar and a webinar? Essentially the former involves interacting with a group of other people via telephone, while the latter uses an Internet connection and allows you to interact visually as well as audibly. There are good reasons why you should consider both as part of your online marketing endeavours. There are equally good reasons to engage a virtual assistant to help you with both promotions, as there’s additional work required over and above what you should be focussing on as the provider of the content.

Today there are a number of different services online that allow you to create a tele-seminar event. It’s rather easy to participate and all you need to do is to give the telephone number and access code to interested people. You don’t need to download any specific software to your computer or to be in front of a computer screen and in fact you don’t need to have an Internet connection, which even today isn’t a guaranteed situation for everyone.

The virtual assistant can get to work well in advance of the date and time of the tele-seminar. Of course, the event will only be a success if you’re to have a sufficient number of callers to make it all worthwhile. You may not be directly selling anything as part of the content of the tele-seminar, but you’re certainly aiming to build a following, enhance your credibility and expertise if nothing else. Essentially, you have to make it all worthwhile.

While the virtual assistant works with social media and other channels to get your audience all fired up you can focus on creating the best quality content possible. Remember that anything that takes away from your ability to create content should be delegated to your virtual assistant, without fail.

During the tele-seminar there will inevitably be a number of questions raised and you should ensure that the virtual assistant is transcribing all of this valuable information in real-time. Remember that questions asked can represent “pain points” and you really need to know what these are in relation to your product or service. Some of the issues raised during the tele-seminar might give rise to the need to create additional products and services within your business, after all.

Once the tele-seminar is complete and you have a recording of the entire event the virtual assistant can be engaged to transcribe all of this information into usable format. Now you have material that could be used to produce an e-book, which could be either given away as a valuable free piece of content or be used to generate income. Remember that the people who attended the tele-seminar ‘live’ will likely not have been able to make copious notes while they were listening. Whenever you’re trying to write something down as well as try and listen to somebody it’s almost always the case that you miss some of the best stuff.

So we have three distinct areas where the virtual assistant can help you. Firstly in the pre-event marketing to social media and other outlets; secondly through making a note of the pain points in order to come up with a question and answer content piece and thirdly to transcribe recorded work to create an additional income stream.

 Had you considered having your teleseminar transcribed?