Time Management For The Workshifter

Is time management something for obsessive compulsive individuals? It’s certainly true to say that it’s a skill and not one which the majority of us are familiar with. If we were, in truth, we would be far more productive in every area of our lives, not just when it comes to our functionality at work. If time management is an important attribute in a traditional office environment, it becomes doubly so for anyone who is considering working from home, or workshifting in any way.

Our lives are very complicated. We are bombarded with external stimuli every moment of our waking day and while we are, subconsciously, pretty good at dealing with many of these distractions, we are still far from expert at doing so. Now, when it comes to working a 9-to-5 day at the office, or in another similarly regimented environment, we are pretty good at ensuring that we do apply ourselves whenever we are “on the clock.” Yet if we are going to be workshifting or operating from another remote work place, we have to understand that poor time management is going to be a potential enemy.

This is why it is so important to establish a routine and schedule and to be somewhat obsessive about it. If you are operating from your home there are so many distractions, immediately outside of your work setting. There are numerous tasks awaiting, you might have children who are home from school and it’s ever so easy to “give in” and go off to address some of these distractions. You can always do that work project later on and you will invariably do so, but you have to understand that a poorly structured approach to how you manage your time like this will cost you, in real terms, going forward.

Many people, myself included, find that they are far more productive in the morning than they are later in the day. Therefore, your morning routine is crucial. While you must always make sure that you get sufficient rest each night, try and make sure that you get up at the same time each day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and must not be missed and remember that it provides you with fuel in order to be as productive as you can be. Before you start working get those early morning chores out of the way, walking the dog or whatever you have to do. Remember that when you sit down to actually work you must not let other distractions get in your way until your previously composed schedule tells you that it is acceptable to do so.

You don’t have to be miserable and feel as if you’re going back to that overly regimented, traditional work environment. Workshifting can and should be a more palatable alternative for you. However, do remember that your ultimate objective is to do better than you were before, to be able to manage all your responsibilities and have some additional time to devote to leisure as well.

How Could YOU Manage Your Time Better? … I’d Love To Hear Your Thoughts :-)