Why SEO Is So Important In The New Online Climate

In 2012 a series of updates imposed by Google changed the face of search engine optimisation as we know it. In fact many people wondered whether SEO was dead in the water or not, as the update seemed to imply that the “optimisation” part of SEO was a bad idea. While there were many repercussions in the small business world following these updates and quite a few knee-jerk reactions as a consequence we are able to see things a lot more clearly, now that the dust has settled.

The truth is that there is still plenty of room for search engine optimisation and it is an essential requisite for the small-business owner. The goalposts, however, have definitely moved and it is now more important than ever to ensure that you understand the concept and do everything properly.

Google has decided that the entire online experience needs to be far more personalised. Social signals are very important and fresh, pertinent content is vital if your site is to be ranked successfully. If your site missed the mark in this respect it is likely that it plummeted down the pecking order following the release of the Google updates. A lot of work was needed at that point to repurpose your site in order for you to join the new world order.

The new look SEO became an even more crucial part of your Internet marketing tableaux, but with a completely new set of criteria upon which to base. For example, in the old days a significant facet of SEO was engaged to target particular keywords based on their search volume. Today, you need to look at a much broader range of keywords that are much more likely to convert based on other data such as pay per click conversions.

In the old days writers used to create online content mechanically by trying to achieve a certain, “ideal” keyword density. This was sometimes known as keyword stuffing and required, back then, that the chosen keyword represented a certain percentage of the overall content. Today you need to make sure that you do not overly focus on this keyword density and try to ensure that your content is as natural as possible. You should focus on simply creating compelling content that engages the audience you are talking to and forget whether the search engines are going to count the number of times each keyword appears in order to “rank” your site.

Your page needs to be dynamic. You should not merely focus on text content, as important as this is, but multimedia inclusion is seen as creating a diverse environment for the visitor. Podcasts, downloadable documents, videos (especially), presentations and other elements are far more important now than they were prior to the updates.

Far from SEO being dead in the water following the Google updates, search engine optimisation is now even more important. We should be very clear however that the old-style optimisation is likely to get us into trouble.

How have you adjusted your SEO following the Google updates?