Analysing The Top Six Benefits Of Using A Project Management System

proj mgmtWhat are the top half-dozen benefits of using a good project management system?

1. Overall Accountability.

As each project is loaded into the system the project manager – who may well be you – and the project team leader – who may be the supervisor of your team of outsourcers – assigns responsibility for completing each stage of the task. At this point responsibility will be allocated to the outsourcer and this will be clearly understood.

2. Sharing Resources.

With careful planning and strategic allocation multiple specialists can work on multiple projects simultaneously. The time is divided appropriately and resources are allocated strategically.

3. Reliability.

Time is money and all projects must be completed according to the deadline. This is crucial to any business in this day and age and there is simply no room for confusion. Using a project management system you can reliably predict when the project will be complete and also calculate its value in terms of time or money.

4. Brainstorming.

You can look at a project management system as something of a mastermind group. Remember that your team of outsourcers are already skilled and knowledgeable and bring plenty of direct expertise to the table. When a number of people are invested in making sure that your project is a success this unleashes an element of brainstorming that can only seek to improve the overall project in the long run.

5. Direction.

The typical project is the sum of a number of complicated, moving parts and pieces. Without a centralised project management system it’s likely that something could be missed, somebody could slip up or misinterpret or simply not know how to proceed at a crucial moment in the project history. Overall, therefore, the system provides direction and certainty for all involved.

6. Completion.

How many times has a project been started but never finished? Without adequate planning, oversight and supervision there is an ever present danger. However, with adequate planning and allocation of responsibility, all team members know what their role is, can see the deadlines and know that the project will be completed, on-time.

We just outlined half a dozen very important reasons to consider implementing a project management system, to replace uncertainty, risk and threat of failure. There are many potential hazards and stumbling blocks ahead in business as it is, without a lack of internal preparation being one of them.

There are some very sophisticated systems available today, most of which work on a software as a service basis or “in the cloud.” Given the particularly disparate nature of an organisation today, where the virtual assistant team may be in another city or even another country, the adoption of a centralised PMS is a critical component, if success is the goal.

Maybe we shouldn’t forget another potential advantage. By looking at the results of past projects, evaluating success and learning from mistakes, if any, the entire team can learn valuable lessons and this can only help to improve the breed going forward.

What could using a Project Management System mean to You and Your Business?