When Your VA Helps You With Your Webinar, You Become The Educator In Chief

webinarsNo matter what line of business you’re in, you need to try and make an impression online in order to get prospects to trust you and buy from you. Merely having a product or service to sell isn’t going to set you above the others. You need to be able to give away a lot of your knowledge and expertise in order to get trust in return.

The chances are that there are a number of other options in your space and you simply have to make an impression and show that you have a lot more to offer than the next guy. This means that you have to – at least in part – become an educator. You have to be able to show that you know what you’re talking about and also show that you are philanthropic and willing to give knowledge and expertise away in the early days.

One of the best ways to enable your role as the educator is to engage your prospects in a webinar. This is effectively a vehicle that allows you to leverage your time perfectly. You can invite a large number of participants who will hear you present your case “live.” You can also record the webinar and make it available to those who were unable to attend when it was first produced, possibly due to their geographic location.

There’s quite a lot of work associated with setting this up, of course. This is where your virtual assistant who has specialist knowledge of webinars will be particularly effective.

While there are a number of online solution providers here you will still need to administer all of this. Get your virtual assistant to produce the relevant marketing pieces in order to notify prospects about the webinar time and date. The VA can organise registrations and respond to any queries that directly relate to the operation of the webinar.

Prior to the actual event itself it may be necessary to get in touch with other presenters. The virtual assistant can do this for you initially and follow up with these presenters in advance of the event to make sure that they will appear on time.

When the webinar gets underway trust your virtual assistant to manage it, so that you can concentrate entirely on delivering the content. Most importantly make sure that the event is recorded correctly and then get your virtual assistant to edit it, removing irrelevant content for those who will be downloading this version. For example, you don’t need any of the “back and forth” that typically takes place when the presenter is educating callers about how to leave comments, how to “unmute” themselves and so forth.

When your event has successfully completed get the virtual assistant to deal with any correspondence necessary, sending thank you notes to guests or responding to any questions or requests for further information.

Without the help of an excellent virtual assistant you’d find that you would be dealing with almost twice as much work as necessary. A lot of it would be purely administrative and mechanical work and you must of course avoid that like the plague if you’re to have the best chance at succeeding with your online business. The virtual assistant is the webinar expert, after all.

How do you find organising Webinars for your business?