Why Project Management Systems Are Better Than Email.

E-mail is still the communications method of choice for the small business owner. In fact, we all have a love-hate relationship with this method of communication, but cannot imagine what we would do if we didn’t have access to it. Those people who always like to take a shortcut to try and earn money “the easy way” are also able to see the potential value associated with e-mail. These people are more than happy to try and clog up our “inbox” with all kinds of rubbish and junk, commonly known as spam. Despite the fact that it’s inherently illegal to send spam e-mail messages today, millions and millions of them are sent every single day, around the world.

There are a number of providers of e-mail solutions. Generally speaking they do a quite good job and they have some very sophisticated filters, designed to try and weed out all the spam. Nevertheless, some of it still gets through and gets in the way. Now, when you are sending e-mails back and forth in the course of your daily business it is not always easy to keep track of them and it can be especially difficult to keep on top of a particular conversational thread, when there is so much of that junk floating around.

When e-mail first became a staple of the business world it was indeed a very efficient way of communicating. It’s a lot easier to generate an e-mail and takes up a lot less time than sitting on the phone and talking with somebody about the subject. After all, those telephone conversations contain all kinds of niceties and invariably veer off topic to talk about something else.

Today, e-mail is not the most efficient way to communicate in the business world, especially when it comes to your interaction with your outsourced team and virtual assistants. Because there is a danger of an e-mail becoming lost in a sea of spam or communications about various other topics from a variety of other people, you can’t always be sure that you’re being efficient. Sometimes it is necessary for several people to interact and keep up with the content of the various e-mails. When they respond this is yet another opportunity for the entire thread to become loose and for you to lose track of important updates and progress in general.

When you use a project management system you know that all relevant communications are strictly managed and there’s no chance of anything becoming lost. Each particular conversation about a particular issue is threaded, all relevant individuals are kept in touch and when everybody communicates through this particular medium there is no chance of confusion rearing its ugly head.

Of course we all want to continue to use e-mail to communicate with prospects, certain vendors and so on but when we commit to using the central project management system for all e-mail communications within the team, we take a giant leap forward in our quest to become efficient, productive and professional.

Do you use a Project Management Space? How do you tame YOUR In Box? … we’d love to know, drop a comment below :-)