Why You Should Take A Leaf Out Of The Client’s Book

delegationIn many ways time management is a misnomer. After all, is this something that we can really control? There are a set amount of minutes in one hour and a set amount of hours in one day. We cannot control this situation to give us additional time to “fit everything in,” even though for many people this is exactly what the concept of time management is all about.

For the virtual assistant productivity is everything. Often, the VA is contracted to fulfil a variety of different tasks for the client and these tasks are by definition frequently time-consuming. For a virtual assistant who is a one man or one woman band this by itself can lead to problems, as if you take on too much of this type of work you simply don’t have enough time to devote to business development and expansion.

The virtual assistant therefore needs to decide at the outset exactly how much time is going to be devoted to what by any other definition are mundane tasks. They may well be tasks that bring in some revenue, but don’t forget that as a self-employed individual you have to be always looking at the future.

Those mundane tasks are being delegated and outsourced by the client for a good reason. The client can free up enough time to work on business matters that will further their cause. This may be construed as more productive work. Yet just because the client has outsourced this type of work to you as a virtual assistant, doesn’t mean that your business aspirations are going to be tempered.

What a virtual assistant needs to do is to compartmentalise. While you should understand that a lot of the mundane work that’s being conducted on behalf of clients equates to needed revenue, do ensure that you only take on a proportional amount of this type of work.

Don’t be tempted to accept anything and everything that comes before you if it means that you’re not going to have enough time to devote to planning and business expansion. If you’re going to be really successful as a self-employed virtual assistant then you have to face a stark reality. You yourself are going to have to delegate some of this “mundane” client work to others as time goes by, or your expansion curve is going to be flat.

For example, you may well be able to find a good quality writer to bring onto your team to help you develop content for clients. This individual may not have the same type of aspiration to expand as you do for their own personal reasons. So long as you have your costing model in place you can delegate this work while retaining the profit margin, also allowing yourself to free up some time for developmental work and expansion.

While the client correctly believes that a virtual assistant is a part of the bigger “time management” picture, you should also take this philosophy into account if your plan is to be successful.