Considering A Variety Of Connectivity Options When You Are Remote

wififreespotIf you are truly going to be able to explore all opportunities and possibilities as you seek to expand your business, then you have to remove as many restrictions as possible. Creativity is at its finest when you remove all limits and self-imposed perceptions and can fully explore all the avenues in front of you. For the small-business owner this means that you will frequently be required to get out of your office environment, to go beyond those four walls which do more than shield you from the weather. Those four walls may limit your imagination and may restrict your ability to connect with people and opportunities.

Yet when you remove many of these restrictions you have still got to feel at ease. How are you going to communicate and keep in touch with valuable members of the organisational team and your virtual assistants? No matter where you are you must be in a position to connect without undue cause for concern. You may not need to work in a formal workspace per se, but let’s consider the options available to you.

The mobile phone that you carry around with you can be configured to operate in virtually every country that you visit. Of course you need to ensure that you’re not being charged some of those ridiculous roaming fees and this may mean that you will need to get a special SIM card.

Many smart phones are not yet capable of providing the entrepreneur with all the connectivity solutions he or she may need in terms of Internet access and data transfer. You might want to investigate getting a 3G modem. These come as a USB connection dongle, effectively giving you access via your mobile phone. Look into pay-as-you-go plans so that you know where you are in terms of cost, but note that to get 3G connectivity you will need to be in a 3G enabled area.

Local Wi-Fi is becoming an increasingly more palatable solution. Sometimes you will find a citywide Wi-Fi service and you will not need an external modem. A service that is provided citywide will invariably be one that requires you to buy a bundle of data at a time, but you should also note that free Wi-Fi may be provided by certain organisations or at certain transportation hubs like an airport. Companies such as Boingo offer the potential for global Wi-Fi. By using this system the software automatically looks for and notifies you when they find a suitable Wi-Fi connection. On certain flights they’re even offering a solution called “go-go” to enable you to connect in the air. When you subscribe to this service they will provide you with a map showing you red pins as hotspots provided by the operation and blue pins indicating free hotspots. Furthermore, you won’t need to spend your time looking through lists of potential networks and trying to find a connection, as this solution will automatically connect you with no additional charge. Currently they estimate that there are more than half a million Boingo hotspots worldwide.

Where is your favourite wi-fi location?