Platforms And Providers – An Insight Into Cloud Computing

There are a number of different technical descriptions associated with the very phrase “cloud computing.” This industry is fairly new and yet to become as established as other elements within the overall world of business and communication. Many people want to get a clearer definition of the terms associated with the cloud and understand some of the information being deployed. You may well be aware that many vendors offer software solutions based on “SAAS” already and might have unwittingly engaged your organisation with cloud computing in this way previously.

The beauty of cloud computing is that we have the ability to ramp up or down our capability and capacity as and when we need it. We’re able to do this without procurement and major investment, acquiring skilled personnel, paying for the training and being sure to keep an eye on all of those latest software releases for security and other purposes. That alone can make a significant case for engaging software as a service and working as much in the cloud as possible.

Many solutions are available today and as the business itself is very dynamic, new and exciting opportunities arise around every corner. We’ve already talked about software as a service, but you can also engage cloud computing on a “platform as a service,” or on an “infrastructure as a service” basis, as well. Behind the scenes you will find a number of organisations offering storage capability, a number of organisations offering and managing the various virtual and static servers and, of course, application providers.

Virtual assistants can often be said to exist in the cloud themselves. Their entire operation works on the basis of virtual communication and provides value to organisations based on an ability to get the job outsourced and to rely on the virtual assistant to be able to access the necessary software as required. The entire virtual assistant industry has been made much stronger by the advent of the cloud and the fact that virtually every application that you would ever need for efficiency and productivity online is now available “as a service.”

So what exactly are platform as a service and infrastructure as a service? When we look at the former example we see a service that allows a larger user to run an application within the provided infrastructure and this may be particularly advantageous to an organisation that is engaged in robust development. Infrastructure as a service, conversely, is basically all-encompassing. The enterprise organisation outsources and utilises an entire infrastructure of servers, hardware, support and storage.

Numerous providers operate within the cloud computing environment and offer their facilities to small business owners and entrepreneurs. These include the more well-known providers such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Service as well as Rackspace and others. Some providers are smaller and niche oriented, whilst others are suitable for any and every type of business and are becoming mainstream in society today.

One thing is for certain, no matter the size of your business at this point and no matter how expansive your plans for tomorrow, the cloud is infinitely capable of dealing with your requirements.

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