What An SEO Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

seo2It’s more critical than ever to have a virtual assistant who specialises in SEO today. Yet the small-business owner must ensure that any virtual assistant engaged to help fully understands what new age SEO is all about. It’s certainly no longer a focus on high rankings at all costs. Many of the strategies associated with SEO from only two years ago may now be potentially damaging from the point of view of online business success.

So what can a virtual assistant who specialises in SEO do for a small business owner today?

In 2013 search engine optimisation is far less a mechanical tool and much more an inclusive methodology. Today we need to ensure that we build high quality sites with the right type of content and multimedia. We simply must create the right type of site that meets the specific needs of visitors and not merely focus on bringing people to our site in order to “convert them.”

Thus, today’s SEO virtual assistant will not be focused on creating vast quantities of generic content, much of which is “spun” in order to make it look as if it is different. The practice of distributing this type of content to as many niche websites as possible is no longer valid unless it’s done to exceptionally high standards and with great care. Rather, in most cases the virtual assistant will engage in creating specialised and high-quality content that has a specific message for would-be readers. There’s nothing to be gained from farming all this content out to as many properties as possible, regardless of whether they have a strict affinity with your site and this is certainly a point which should be kept in mind. However, high quality and very specific link building on an individual, logical and rational basis is very much an activity for your new age VA.

Social media engagement is absolutely critical. Your VA can set up all of your individual accounts and ensure that branding is consistent everywhere. Daily attention to the kind of social signal that you put out is important, as you are trying to build a fan base and ensure that other people are talking about you and your site. The virtual assistant can monitor this type of activity on a daily basis and yes, it does require daily attention to detail here.

There are many valuable tools available to the assistant in order for him or her to keep up with progress. Webmaster tools provided by the major search engines are a great indicator and can indicate the health of the website and whether or not your strategies are moving in the right direction.

Your new age virtual assistant will also be an expert video creator, editor and analyst. This is a crucial medium today and you should be ensuring that at least part of your message is being relayed via a moving image. There’s a lot to learn here from a technical and creative standpoint, but don’t underestimate the importance.

These are exciting times in the world of online marketing, so long as you fully understand the new direction and have a virtual assistant who can steer you along the path to success.

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