Still Delicious For Small Business Efficiency

hotcontentMany people are happy that Delicious didn’t disappear recently when it was bought out by Yahoo. You see, it’s a social media site with many different applications for the small business owner. It’s a staple for any virtual assistant, who knows how advantageous Delicious can be in helping with a variety of different business operations and online marketing.

For example, social bookmarking. If you truly want to know your topic, be seen as an expert and be someone who is always on the lookout for education and information that’s relevant then you have to be bookmarking. There’s so much “stuff” out there that you have to be able to locate and then aggregate this information, tagging as appropriate. The virtual assistant can be doing this for you every day. For example, if you provide regular blog post updates, Twitter feed or items of news on your Facebook page then you need to use a tool such as Delicious to find, sort and make information available for your tuition. There’s even a special add-on tool that you can put in your browser bar enabling your virtual assistant to right-click and add any page to your Delicious inventory.

Once you have a constant flow of source material then you should never be short of inspiration when it comes to creating your content on a regular basis. Many online marketing experts treat Delicious as a great source for inspiring content, far more so than some other alternatives. As we said, if you’re really going to be seen as “the expert” then you have got to be delving into those difficult or unusual topics to provide value to your followers.

While you’re looking for that hot content in this way don’t overlook the automatic publishing ability of Delicious, as well. You can generate keyword specific RSS feeds. Your virtual assistant can use existing methodology and code to enable you to publish such a feed on one of your public facing pages. Once again, you are seen as the font of good knowledge.

As you keep moving onward and upward in small business then your reputation will grow. You will be able to use Delicious to track any publicity relating to your organisation. Search and tag this information and make sure that you promote it appropriately through your website or blog.

Since Delicious was purchased by Yahoo it has enjoyed a nice upgrade and the platform is now more contemporary and easier to navigate. You should engage your virtual assistant to use Delicious on a regular basis to share any content that you generate, just like you use StumbleUpon. Once again, remember the social media ethos and be generous in terms of sharing third-party content, too.

So we can see that Delicious is useful in terms of collecting potential resources, tagging and sharing as well as for directly sharing your own content. Delicious has been around for quite a while in one of its various guises and is likely to remain a stalwart when it comes to your online marketing requirements.

How do you keep track of interesting content for your marketing?