How To Arrange Your Home Office Space For Productivity

prettyofficeUnless you have been fortunate enough to occupy the corner office, you may have had to deal with the dreaded cubicle at work. Large organisations tend to look for open plan space and arrange it according to their requirements, rather than looking for a facility that already has office space delineated within. Landlords tend to lease these buildings knowing that business tenants are looking for this flexibility and tend to offer available space this way, anyway. So, we invariably find that the cubicle arrangement endures and while your particular work area may have been dressed up a little bit more based on your seniority, it’s still a rather sad environment within which to spend so many hours each week.

While it is certainly possible to personalise your own workspace within a traditional office environment, it’s just not the same. You don’t have the element of privacy or the level of comfort that you might very well need in order to be completely productive and we shouldn’t forget that whenever you have to commute to and from the office, you have so much to deal with in terms of traffic, congestion and stress.

Having said all that, it’s still amazing to see that many people who have been able to break free to a large extent and are workshifting, or working from home, seem to take the path of least resistance when it comes to configuring their home office. They may well be forced to use a particular room within their house for the office environment, but they should stop for a moment and consider that they now have complete freedom to design and develop their workspace to meet their needs.

It’s worth investing in a desk that meets a number of specifications. Firstly, it should look and feel good, be totally functional and not become a magnet for anything unrelated to your work efforts. You need to set the desktop so that it creates a productive environment for you. Don’t have it facing the wall in the corner of a nice room, for example as research has shown that we are all a lot more productive if we have a wider field of vision when we are working.

When people work from home they imagine that they can lock away all those starched shirts or ties, or more formal office suits, but you should always dress in a way that makes you feel productive. It’s all about being comfortable in your working environment, but you should treat your office space at home just as professionally as you go about your business activities. Remember that you now have the freedom to be able to arrange your life to your specifications and requirements and should be able to break free from the drudgery that was associated with your former, cubicle existence.

Have a good look at your office space and start planning a rearrangement if it’s not as “professional” as it should be. Get some stimulating and exciting objects to put in and around your workspace and always remember that you have the ultimate freedom to make it all work.

How have you arranged your office space for ultimate productivity? …. I love to read your comments ;-)