Stumbleupon Is Certainly Not Stumbling In The Social Media World


When it comes to social media sites it’s generally accepted that Facebook is still the granddaddy of them all. As a small business owner you really should have a presence there, so long as you can keep up with their ever-changing formats, design and expectations, of course. While you should have your trusty virtual assistant to help you keep up with those shenanigans over at Facebook you should also be keeping an eye on a few other social media sites as far as your business potential is concerned. The chances are that you would immediately start to think of Twitter, LinkedIn and so on but depending on who you get your statistics from you could be missing out on the site that has potentially more clout than even Facebook.

It was reported by the website Statcounter not that long ago that StumbleUpon had surpassed Facebook to become the number one website for social media traffic generation in the United States. In the beginning of 2011 it was said that StumbleUpon accounted for 43% of the market. Even if you’re not sure of the sample count and the rationale behind the figures there’s no doubt that StumbleUpon has something interesting for you.

Assuming that you have a grasp of your target market and you’re in the business to create engaging and helpful content then you can come here to help reach “your people.”

Let’s define StumbleUpon a bit more closely. Wikipedia defines it as “a discovery engine that finds the best of the Web, recommended to each unique user. It allows its users to discover great web pages, photos and videos that are personalised to their tastes and interests, using peer sourcing and social networking principles.” You can use the site to gather information about other resources on the web that could be of interest to your tribe of followers. When you have built a network and assuming that the content that you’re creating is undoubtedly shareable material then you can strive to get the coveted “thumbs up,” which distributes your material even further.

It’s also a great way to do some market research as you go. You’ll be able to see new content within your specially created toolbar that reflects content that other people like, enabling you to fine-tune the type of content that’s likely to give you those thumbs well and truly up!

Your virtual assistant will be able to help you manage your content in this way but also help to distribute content generated by other people and organisations that should be of interest. In fact, there’s an emphasis upon sharing in this way and in general your input will be looked upon unfavourably if all you do is focus on advertising your own stuff.

If you really want to fast-track your involvement with StumbleUpon then there’s a paid promotional service on offer, where your virtual assistant will really be able to focus on your specific content.

This social media solution isn’t for everybody and may not have the glamour of some of the other, more prominent ones – but nevertheless, it’s worth serious consideration as a potential marketing avenue.

What is your favourite social media platform for business?